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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


LAFD's union is sounding the alarm in Los Angeles, California, after the mayor and City Council voted to start shutting down fire stations to save money, something which could also affect LA's response to wildfires, in our first Wildfire News Of The Day item today. Rugged terrain in the Los Padres National Forest is hampering firefighters' efforts on the ground; but the airport at Santa Maria, which has been a focal point of controversy due to Forest Service plans to shut it down, has done yeoman service in keeping airtankers flying during the La Brea Fire. A fast-moving wildfire in Spokane, Washington, gave firefighters a chance to try out their new air-tanker; and as Arizona awaits its monsoon rains, fires in that state are keeping firefighters very busy. A trio of stories out of Colorado today: forestry officials are locking horns with environmentalists over logging in wildland areas to prevent wildfires from destroying homes; wildfires in southern Colorado have topped 8,500 acres burned; while another is nearing 5,500 acres burned. A wildfire in New Mexico continues to spread, even though airtankers are pounding it relentlessly, because firefighters on the ground are fearful of stepping on unexploded ordnance; and firefighters in Kentucky have had several forest fires to deal with as well. Drones have been aiding firefighters in Alaska by providing detailed maps of fire areas. Ontario is rotating Canadian firefighters out of British Columbia as fires there continue to burn; and Manitoba is following suit; but as rains sweep into Yukon, firefighters are getting a much needed break after a busy fire season. A wildfire in Turkey was brought under control after firefighters evacuated dozens of homes. Countries in Southeast Asia are banding together in anticipation of worsening wildfires as an El Niño event sets in; but Malaysia has had to dispatch several dozen more firefighters to deal with wildfires in their own country. Rural dwellers in Victoria, Australia, are getting socked with massive increases in taxes to help the government prepare for the coming bushfire season; even as the Australian Strategic Policy Institute identified worsening bushfires in the region as a direct result of Climate Change. Bushfire icon Sam the Koala may be immortalized in chocolate. And finally, do a good job and you may get rewarded in unexpected ways, like a firefighter from Chicago Fire Department Air Sea Rescue who got the ride-along of his life with the Thunderbirds!

L.A. firefighter union posts signs on impact of budget cuts

Terrain hinders firefighters in San Rafael Wilderness

Santa Maria Airport serves as base for aircraft fighting La Brea Fire

Traffic snarled by brush fire along I-90

Multiple wildfires keep forest officials hopping

Wildfire fuels debate on state versus national roadless rules

Durango-area wildfires burn 8,500 acres

Southwestern Colorado wildfire grows to 5,343 acres, 8 square miles

Manzano fire grows, concerning neighbors

Lexington Co. firefighters battle seven woods fires

Unmanned aircraft map northern wildfires

MNR sends more help off to B.C.

Manitoba firefighters return from battling B.C. blazes

Rain could cap Yukon forest fire season

Turkey forest fire under control: report

Neighboring nations ready to help RI tackle fires

More firemen deployed to deal with wildfire

Bushfire blow as levy rises 24%

Climate change an Australian 'security threat'

Aussie publicists applies to make chocolate of Sam the Koala

Special flight for hero firefighter

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