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Tuesday, May 07, 2013


Southern California's "May Miracle", which brought the region's rainfall total up to 5.84 inches and squelched wildfires raging through the area, is discussed in our first article today (1); and the California State Parks District Supervisor said that the silver lining to the recent wildfires could be seen species sprout that only appear after a wildfire (2); NASA providing an animated space-based view that shows the smoke from the wildfires at their peak (3); while an urban dweller reflects on things he's learned about Southern California's wildfires (4); but warnings from the National Weather Service that parts of Central California were at high risk from lightning-sparked wildfires underscored the importance of Wildfire Awareness Week (5); while the California Fire Science Consortium sent along their May 2013 newsletter (6). Wildfire activity across Oregon is summarized in the next article (7); a state in which the majority of these wildfires were caused by humans (8). The next article takes a look at preparations in Western Washington as the Department of Natural Resources readies itself for the wildfires of summer (9); even as firefighters brought a 60-acre wildfire in the Capitol Forest to 47% containment (10). The theme of the 6th annual Nevada Wildfire Awareness Week this year is "Reduce the Fuel — Reduce the Risk" (11); the next article providing a closer look at Minden Air Corp, which won a contract from US Forest Service to field a BAE-146 heavy air-tanker this fire season (12). Colorado US Senator Michael Bennet issued a press release following US Forest Service's announcement of its Next Generation Airtanker Program winners (13); and following a fire season which saw more than 1.75 million acres of wildland burned in Idaho, US Forest Service firefighters are expecting another busy year (14). Two Wyoming Air National Guard C-130s equipped with MAFFS units will be practicing wildland firefighting this week in preparation for fire season (15). In the wake of yesterday's announcement about contract winners of US Forest Service's Next Generation Airtanker Program, the next article discusses Neptune Aviation's failure to secure contracts for all of its new BAe-146 air-tankers (16); even as fire managers in the Bitterroot National Forest made preparations for 300 acres of controlled burns this coming weekend (17). Some junior firefighters at Pennsylvania's Pike County Training Center got some unexpected real-world training when a forest fire broke out nearby (18); while fire crews quickly knocked down a 1.5-acre wildfire outside of Hudson, Maine (19). Firefighters in Vermont battled a 10-acre wildfire outside of Eagle Rock (20); the next article providing more details on wildfires currently burning in that state (21). Wildfires continue to crop up in Connecticut, which has seen 60 wildfires scorch 164 acres (22). A spokesman for the Nature Conservancy discusses means for preventing mega-fires in an item from the New York Times (23); a six-acre blaze continuing to smolder on Sleeping Beauty Mountain (24). Wildfire NOTD subscriber Mikel Robinson, Executive Director of the International Association of Wildland Fire, sent along a call for papers for their International Smoke Symposium, scheduled to take place at the University of Maryland this coming October (25); while the South Carolina Forestry Commission sent along a press release about guidelines they have been developed for harvesting woody biomass for energy (26). Canadian students in Nelson, British Columbia, received some training in fighting wildfires from a veteran firefighter (27); a 240-hectare wildfire being reported south of Ashcroft (28); while a report from Ontario's Ministry of Natural Resources shows that 16 wildfires have broken out in that province since last Friday (29); and following 150 wildfires since the beginning of fire season, and with nine fires currently active, Québec's Ministry of Natural Resources has banned open burning for the time being (30). Heading to Europe, two new wildfires were reported: one outside of Ulea, Spain, the other in the vicinity of Munţii Bârgăului, Romania (31). And finally, SEAT purveyor Air Tractor delivered its 500th AT-802A to a happy new owner!

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