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Saturday, May 05, 2012


With 70% of the Southern California community of Redlands at risk from wildfires, fire officials urged residents to provide defensible space around their homes (1); and as Santa Barbara County braces for the inevitable wildfires of summer, the next article provides some tips on what to expect (2); while CAL FIRE has concluded an agreement with the California National Guard which will bolster aerial firefighting resources in Southern California during fire season (3). As Washington Department of Natural Resources kicks off Wildfire Awareness Week, Firewise meetings are planned for this coming Friday in Spokane (4). Texas Forest Service is projecting a milder wildfire season this summer than the horrific one last year (5); even as firefighters brought the Livermore Ranch fire to 70% containment, many of the firefighters who came from 29 other states to battle the blaze now heading home (6). Although Al Qaeda recommended setting wildfires in western Montana, local officials said that a 400,000-acre wildfire that burned through the Bitterroot Valley in 2000 left little behind to burn (7); while a report looks back on the 741-acre wildfire that blazed across Berks County, Pennsylvania, in April (8). The Florida Forest Service reported that two dozen wildfires scorched 740 acres in Polk County last month (9); and the next article takes a closer look at wildfires in Alaska (10). Canadian air-tankers battled a forest fire in Fortune Bay, Newfoundland (11). A persistent heat wave continues to fuel the threat of wildfires across Vietnam (12); while in addition to Al Qaeda's threat to set forest fires in the US, Australia was also mentioned in their latest publication as a worthwhile target for pyro-terrorism (13). And finally, firefighters in Farmington, Connecticut, performed a tricky extrication operation: plucking a great horned owl out of a tree!

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