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Tuesday, November 04, 2008


First up today, a video news segment forwarded by San Diego Fire Department Deputy Chief Brian Fennessy about San Diego's historic agreement with Cal Fire that allows them to perform water drops on state-administered lands (including some pretty impressive night photography - fasten your seat belts!) Comments from San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders and Fire Chief Tracy Jarman are included in a piece about controversial Proposition A, while San Bernardino County Supervisors have voted to expand their Emergency Operations Center. Three small wildfires have cropped up in Arizona, as recounted by the following two articles, and Oregonians are bewailing the rising cost of fire management in their neck of the woods. The Texas Forest Service had a bit of excitement when one of their control fires got out of control, at a time when NIFC is warning about the fire danger this month through the southern Midwest due in part to trees blown down by Hurricane Ike. Fire managers are doing prescribed burns in Nevada, and the next article (really, a press release) provides a link to the comprehensive international study done on smoke over the past two millennia. Heading overseas, fires in India's Kashmir have torched some precious timber, while Greek conservation groups are up in arms about a fire in a newly-designated national forest. Australians in New South Wales are being encouraged to volunteer to help with disasters (like bushfires) in that region. Finally, when it comes to protecting forests, the Chinese don't mess around, assigning armed protectors to their forested areas (apologies for the somewhat stilted English in the article, but the only other choice was providing the story in its original Mandarin).

San Diego Fire-Rescue Allowed to Do Aerial Water Drops at Night in Cal Fire Territory

San Diego voters to decide on fire tax

County supervisors authorize expansion of Emergency Operations Center

Small fire burning on the North Rim of Grand Canyon

2 small fires on Coconino contained

The cost of fighting fires

Out of control woods fire concerns Woden area

Outlook: Higher wildfire potential this month

Forest Service Clearing Land to Prepare for Wildfires

Book explores global implications of wildland fire smoke

Major fire in Kehmil, Langate divisions

Forest blaze fuels arson suspicions

Volunteers help in crisis time

Armed Forest Forces Garrison in Hunan Province

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