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Tuesday, April 10, 2012


With Washington's Department of Natural Resources estimating that 85% of all wildfires in that state are started by people, an editorial discusses how costly complacency about wildfires can actually be (1); followed by an article from Colorado which details evacuation orders issued to three people who died in the Lower North Fork Fire (2). A 1,400-acre wildfire in Wadena County, Minnesota, required the assistance of National Guard Blackhawk helicopters to rope it in (3); then the weather got colder, and the issue became one of hypothermia and frozen hoses! (4) Thirty-three counties in Kentucky are under Red Flag warnings (5); wildfire activity across Pennsylvania being summarized by the next two stories (6)(7). Wildfires broke out up and down the East Coast yesterday (8); the situation summarized by a CBS news video (9). Downed power lines apparently sparked a wildfire in Tuscarora, New York (10); and over 900 acres were scorched by a wildfire in Staten Island (11); the next item taking a look at some of the 50 volunteer fire companies called to battle a massive blaze on Long Island (12); while a wildfire was reported in Palisades Park System (13); all of this prompting the Department of Environmental Conservation Forest Rangers to urge homeowners to take precautions (14). A 1,000-acre wildfire burning in New Jersey's Burlington County is now 75% contained (15); that article followed by an Op-Ed piece from a 40-year fire service veteran that warns motorists traveling around Washington DC not to toss cigarettes out the window of their vehicle due to the wildfire danger (16). Wildfires in Virginia kept the Augusta Hotshots busy yesterday (17); but a 60-acre wildfire burning in Watauga County, North Carolina, has been contained (18); while people in Charlotte, South Carolina, are seeing some wild weather that gravitates between fire and ice (19). Florida has been pummeled by 64 wildfires (20); and a 240-acre wildfire that started Monday night in Miami-Dade County created smoky skies across the region (21); NASA satellites providing a unique perspective of wildfire burning in Osceola National Forest (22). Wildfire NOTD subscriber Dennis Hulbert, former USFS Regional Aviation Officer for Region 5, sent along an article about Canadian-based Coulson Aviation's latest project, a C-130H air-tanker (23); the next article providing details on Ontario's firefighting order of battle (24). Over 2,000 personnel grappled with a wildfire in China's Hebei province, northeast of Beijing (25). Heading to Australia, two projects funded by the Victorian Bushfire Appeal Fund are finally under way in Strathewen (26); while a driver with Ambulance Victoria reflects on his experiences during 2009's Black Saturday bushfires (27); a radio segment asking for opinions on whether homeowners would stay or go if another bushfire occurs (28). And finally, a young man who ignited a Siberian forest fire with a carelessly discarded cigarette has been ordered to pay an astounding $20 million in fines to the Russian government!

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