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Tuesday, January 12, 2010


First up in Wildfire News Of The Day, LA County Supervisor Mike Antonovich has announced that they will be looking for an automated wildfire detection system to protect areas in Southern California (hmmm, sounds a lot like The Water Cache Project) (1); but homeowners in Breckenridge, Colorado, are less than enthusiastic about USFS plans to clear-cut beetle-infested forest near their homes (2). North Carolina Forest Service will be torching 15-20 acres as part of a prescribed burn program (3); while firefighters in Florida made short work of a 10-acre wildfire yesterday (4). A pair of men who admitted setting a fire in a Spanish forest have been charged with the deaths of five firefighters who perished battling the blaze last July (5); but quick work by heli-tankers and firefighters on the ground is credited with knocking down what could have become a major wildfire in South Africa (6). An Op-Ed piece from India comments on the recent wildfires in an eastern valley that demonstrate a lack of preparedness by the government for natural disasters (7). Debate is still raging over the language used in the new bushfire warning system, as the next article from New South Wales demonstrates (8); and power lines are apparently at fault for sparking a bushfire there (9). The Salvation Army appeal raised nearly $500,000 to help bushfire survivors in West Australia (10); but more may be needed as arsonists are at work in that state (11). Ty Bonnar of Flexible Alternatives sent along an article about the difficulties of South Australia's volunteer firefighters, as pointed out in a letter from the CFS Volunteers Association (12); however, a welcome change in the weather is helping firefighters in that state cope with local bushfires (13). Firefighters in Tasmania were enthusiastic about acquisition of a new heli-tanker for the northern part of the state (14); something which may see some action if arsonists continue to operate in the area (15); but as if people in Tasmania didn't already have enough to deal with battling bushfires, destructive wind storms are also lashing the region (no doubt making the fire danger even worse)! (16) Victoria's capital registered the hottest night in 100 years as the bushfire threat increased accordingly (17); even as residents of Eastern Gippsland prepared to evacuate when a bushfire roared towards their homes (18). And finally, Victoria may have an upscale answer to the need for bushfire refuges: shopping malls!

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