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Friday, September 14, 2012


An overview on wildfires in the US leads off the news today (1); followed by an article from Scientific American which discusses wildfire restoration (2); and one from Fortune Magazine which takes a closer look at fire crews provided by insurance companies to protect policyholders' property (3). An Op-Ed piece from Lompoc, California, argues that forest plantations in the state worsen the wildfire danger (4); but with triple-digit temperatures and windy conditions in the forecast, parts of San Diego County will face an increased wildfire risk this weekend (5); the fire danger homeowners face in Solano and Napa counties being the focus of the next article (6); while wildfires in Mendocino National Forest mean that forest visitors have to be aware of local conditions for their own safety (7). US Forest Service is laying plans to conduct a 33-acre controlled burn in Oregon's Bent Creek Experimental Forest this fall (8); but in the meantime, wildfire smoke is choking the skies in the southern Willamette Valley (9). Wildfire activity in Washington state is summarized by the next item (10); where a 480-acre wildfire continued to burn outside of Yakima (11); so firefighters are using controlled burns to reduce the fuel feeding wildfires (12); but a lack of resources is keeping fire crews on the defensive (13); prompting the governor to promise more resources to the 3,000 firefighters manning the firelines (14). Several wildfires were reported along the Comal County/Guadalupe County line in Texas yesterday (15). As Wyoming's 3,324-acre Horsethief Canyon Fire reached 36% containment, an evacuation advisory for residents of Jackson has been lifted (16); but the resemblance of the fight against the Sheep Herder Hill Fire to a military operation is made by the next article (17); while residents of Natrona County mindful of that current fire, recalled a 12,000-acre wildfire that blazed across Casper Mountain in 2006 (18). Weather conditions will not help firefighters battling wildfires in Montana (19); where a letter to the editor from the Bitterroot Valley complains about the length of time it's taking US Forest Service to put out wildfires whose smoke is choking homeowners there (20); while a Verizon Wireless cellular tower is helping firefighters in Montana keep in touch (21). Although northwest Nebraska has been ravaged by wildfires, the Nebraska Tourism Commission is urging tourists to visit the area (22); and as small wildfires keep cropping up in Minnesota's Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, US Forest Service is being forced to close some areas (23). Canadian firefighters brought a massive wildfire in Peachland, British Columbia, to 100% containment, but a new, 10-hectare blaze was reported outside of Keremeos (24); while the findings of a new study on the impact of Alberta's Lost Creek Fire, which scorched 210 km² of the Rocky Mountains nine years ago, are being discussed in a series of lectures at the Frank Slide Interpretive Centre in Crowsnest Pass (25). Wildfire activity in the Mediterranean Basin picked up a bit again, with wildfires reported in Spain, Montenegro, Bosnia, Albania, and Turkey (26); while Portugal's Institute for Conservation of Nature and Forests indicated in a new report that some 73,055 hectares of forest was burned by wildfires in that nation so far this year (27). Heading to Australia, Wildfire NOTD subscriber Nathan Maddock, Communications Officer for Bushfire CRC, sent along a link to their September newsletter (28). Victoria's Country Fire Authority is using a new web-based simulator for bushfire education (29); while the University of Melbourne aims to improve emergency relief policies with its Beyond Black Saturday program (30). An Op-Ed piece from Queensland argues that fire bureaucracies are too top heavy (31). Residents of Casuarina, New South Wales, breathed a sigh of relief as firefighters brought a 95-hectare bushfire to a halt (32); and crews made quick work of a small blaze outside of Leichhardt (33). Forestry Tasmania is concerned about the departure of heavy equipment contractors who often help fight bushfires (34). And finally, Smokey Bear lent a hand to the Fire Adapted Communities Coalition in its efforts to help Colorado wildfire survivors rebuild with fire-resistant building materials!

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