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Wednesday, July 03, 2013


The United Nations reported that Global Warming accelerated with the dawn of the new millennium (1); even as wildfires continued to increase in size and intensity in the Western US (2); but despite copious media coverage of major wildfires in the Western US, only 6% of the stories touched on climate change as the engine driving worsening blazes (3); while the next article revisits the issue of how much impact sequestration cuts are having on the federal firefighting force (4); a 60 Minutes segment from 2007 showing what it's like to fight wildfires (5); current conditions drawing warnings from fire officials in regards to Fourth of July fireworks, which sparked 17,800 fires in 2011 (6). A Los Angeles County firefighter provides personal testimony of the value of fire shelters, one of which saved his life during a 1993 Southern California wildfire (7); and in San Diego County, firefighting aircraft swarmed a 110-acre wildfire burning along the El Capitan Reservoir (8); while the California Fire Science Consortium sent along their July 2013 newsletter (9). A trio of lightning-sparked wildfires was reported in eastern Oregon (10); and over 150 personnel are attempting to rope in an 1,800-acre wildfire burning in Nevada's Spring Mountains (11). Arizona's Dean Peak Fire, which is burning in the Hualapai Mountains, has expanded to 4,400 acres in size (12); while the deadly Yarnell Hill Fire, which has scorched 8,400 acres, is 8% contained (13); even as investigators studied radio logs, the site of the tragedy, and weather reports to try to figure out how a Hotshot crew was overrun (14); a memorial service for the 19 firefighters killed in that blaze drawing thousands (15); firefighters across the nation observing a moment of silence in their honor (16); a folk song tribute to 13 firefighters killed in the 1949 Mann Gulch Fire becoming a tribute to this new group of fallen heroes (17); the lone survivor paying his own respects to his fallen comrades (18); and a New York Times article provides some background material on the crew (19); an Associated Press article chronicling the founding of the Granite Mountain Hotshots (20); the role of chaplains in comforting the grieving being touched upon by the next article (21); while a Christian Science Monitor article explores how on-site forecasting might have helped prevent the tragedy (22); another interviewing the author of a book which details life on the fireline (23). Fire crews have nearly extinguished a lightning-sparked wildfire that broke out in Colorado's Mesa Verde National Park (24); Colorado's governor discussing plans for a regional aerial firefighting fleet in the next article (25); and Alpine Bank is hosting a food drive to collect donations for Black Forest Fire survivors (26). Details about wildfires burning in Idaho are provided by the next article (27); followed by a summary of wildfire activity across Utah (28). A single-engine air-tanker (SEAT) has been deployed to South Dakota's Black Hills to help with future wildfires (29); but although Canadian wildfire smoke is creating hazy skies in Fargo, North Dakota, residents view it as perfectly normal for this time of year (30); Canadian wildfire smoke also shrouding parts of Nebraska (31). Minnesota Public Radio hosted a roundtable discussion about rethinking the approach to fighting wildfires in the US (32). Wildfire smoke from Canada is drifting into Vermont's Champlain Valley (33); Maryland Department of Natural Resource's State Fire Supervisor weighing in on the training their wildland firefighters receive in the next article (34). Hundreds of firefighters manned the firelines in Alaska's Interior as blazes neared the 1 million-acre-mark (35). A total of 38 wildfires were reported in Manitoba, Canada (36); and a wildfire burning along the Northwest Territories Mackenzie River destroyed parts of a ferry crossing (37); wildfire smoke continuing to trigger smog alerts in Ottawa and other parts of Ontario (38); five new wildfires being reported in northwestern Ontario (39); while 250,000-hectares of forest has gone up in smoke near James Bay, Québec (40). In Europe, new wildfires were reported near Ciron, France, Esperia and Campomarino, Italy, and Bergama, Izmir, Turkey (41); but an Indonesian House of Representatives’ Commission directed officials in Riau to improve early attack on wildfires (42). Australian Government Disaster Recovery Payments will be available through July 16th to residents of New South Wales who suffered losses from the Wambelong bushfires (43); while in Western Australia, a debate is raging over control of volunteer bushfire brigades (44). And finally, firefighters in Fresno, California, barely managed to resuscitate a kitten, who has been dubbed "Lucky the cat"!

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