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Thursday, July 15, 2010


The impact of the hot weather in Southern California, including an evacuation drill in Topanga Canyon, is examined in our first article today (1); but the legacy of the Station Fire is still having an effect on Los Angeles County Flood Control's sediment management program (2); while the Student Conservation Association is helping to rehabilitate parts of the Angeles National Forest burned in the Station Fire (3). A specially-trained wildland firefighting crew in Orange County stands ready to battle the inevitable wildfires of summer (4). A 3,500 acre wildfire sparked by a training exercise on the Camp Pendleton Marine Base is fully contained (5); but CAL FIRE is bracing for more of the same as the heat wave continues in San Diego County (6). As temperatures rise and humidity drops in Oregon, the fire danger is going up (7); something that was emphasized by a wildfire in Forest Grove (8). In the aftermath of the Schultz Fire, Arizona's Coconino National Forest is beginning to reopen areas that have been closed for some time (9); but a man convicted of starting the Crown King Fire, which cost nearly $6 million to suppress, has been sentenced (10); even as firefighters are dealing with a pair of lightning-sparked wildfires in the Tonto National Forest (11). In an Op-Ed article from Colorado, the Larimer County Sheriff's role during wildfire emergencies is spelled out (12); followed by an update on wildfire activity in that state (13); and by an article which provides useful information to homeowners on where to find information to prepare for wildfires (14); but University of Colorado researchers have discovered a link between wildfires and mercury poisoning in fish (15). A wildfire at the Idaho National Laboratory continues to expand past the 170 mi.² mark (16); and the following article highlights some additional wildfires burning in that state (17). A wildfire has been reported in Wyoming's Grand Teton National Park (18); which supports the premise of the next article about remaining vigilant during a wildfire season that has been slow to develop in that area so far (19). Summer temperatures are also driving up the wildfire danger across Georgia (20). An Op-Ed item from British Columbia slams inconsiderate smokers who pose a fire hazard in the tinder-dry vegetation of that Canadian province (21); while a wind-driven wildfire burns past the 100-acre mark (22); and although many people in British Columbia are happy about the quieter-than-expected wildfire season, firefighters are getting bored! (23) It is hoped that a new forest management plan for Alberta will help reduce wildfires by increasing logging of old-growth trees (24); but homeowners in northern Saskatchewan had to be airlifted out of the area due to heavy smoke from nearby wildfires (25). Switzerland is facing a higher wildfire risk due to an ongoing drought that is drying up its picturesque lakes (26); and Russia has declared a wildfire emergency in 18 provinces with 64,000 acres already burned, as Europe bakes (27). A large wildfire has been reported on the Greek island of Zakynthos, according to the Bulgarian News Agency (28); and a wildfire was reported in Toffia, Italy, with several still burning in Algeria as well (29). A battle over the bushfire budget is beginning to heat up in Victoria, Australia (30); where the head of a bushfire recovery group feels that his area in Gippsland is not getting enough support (31); and since the program has just been extended, they have until February to get the funds (32); but with 95% of the bushfire relief money already spent, there may not be much left to dole out (33). Firefighters in Queensland battled a bushfire on North Stradbroke Island (34). And finally, Chula Vista's new arson investigator comes to the job with a big heart (not to mention a big nose) for the mission!

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