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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


First up in wildfire news today, SDG&E is still considering passing on costs for payouts in the aftermath of wildfires caused by their equipment to customers in San Diego County, California (1); while two men who are accused of starting the Jesusita Fire in Santa Barbara County while clearing vegetation have pleaded 'not guilty' to the charges (2). As the California Legislature debates ways to raise money, the proposal to raise $200 million for battling wildfires through a property-owner surcharge of $12 has yet to be seriously considered (3). The US Forest Service is warning that Arizona's wet winter could lead to a very busy summer for firefighters (4); and firefighters in Florida will be educating school kids on the virtues of controlled burns (5). A small wildfire was quenched in a forest in the Central Asian republic of Azerbaijan (6); while reports from Yunnan Province, China, indicate a 56% increase in wildfires in the region over previous years (7). Firefighters in Phuket, Thailand, have battled more than a dozen wildfires over the past month (8); but as firefighters get the upper hand on wildfires burning in Malaysia, plantation and construction operations have been asked to suspend any fires associated with their operations, as that country continues to suffer through a drought (9). A massive fire is burning on forested land in New Zealand's Otago Peninsula (10); prompting the commitment of heli-tankers after apparent ignition by a logging truck's chain dragging on a road (11). Australian homeowners trying to rebuild after a bushfire in Queensland are appalled at the new building standards required by the government (12); but the rapid response of firefighters to a swamp fire in a Western Australian town is credited with sparing homes in the area (13); meanwhile, bushfire considerations are impacting a local election in South Australia (14). Bushfire experts weighed in on the lack of value of a fire break in slowing down one of the Black Saturday bushfires as the Royal Bushfire Commission hearings continued in Victoria (15); and on the one-year anniversary of the Musk Vale bushfires, residents reflected on their impact (16); but at least one Victoria community hard hit by the Black Saturday bushfires has earned a windfall of $2.5 million to help with rebuilding (17). And finally, in the aftermath of a 9,000+ acre fire in Montana's Bitterroot National Forest, officials are considering an unusual post-fire rehabilitation project: growing mushrooms!

(1) SDG&E May Seek Recovery From Ratepayers On Fire Lawsuits

(2) 2 plead not guilty to SoCal wildfire charges

(3) Calif. Legislature take steps toward deficit trim

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(6) Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources issues statement about forest fire in Dashkesen

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(18) Bitterroot NF proposes personal, commercial mushroom harvest program

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