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Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Wildfire news is dominated by bushfires in Australia today, but we lead off with an article from the LA Times that discusses the stay-and-defend debate among fire chiefs, citing a previous article about Australia's two-decade-old policy and also Rancho Santa Fe Fire Protection District's handbook on the matter. An article from Chile in South America shows that they have Red Flag alerts as well. And in Australia, bushfire news leads off with a story about how Adelaide, state capital of South Australia, is using sirens to alert residents of approaching bushfires, followed by two that detail the fight against bushfires around Port Lincoln in South Australia, and an article about the response to a gully fire in New South Wales. Not all the news is bad, however, as underscored by one from New South Wales about how firefighters are getting bushfires under control. Grain harvesters in South Australia are being reminded of fire-safe practices there, and Bushfire Co-operative Research Center is recommending a detailed study of bushfires be conducted on this, the 70th anniversary of devastating bushfires called Black Friday.

Southern California fire chiefs debate stay-and-defend program

CONAF deems forest fire situation 'critical'

CFS will use sirens to warn Adelaide Hills residents of fires

Houses destroyed in Port Lincoln bushfire

Bushfires in Port Lincoln destroy homes, businesses

Fire threatens suburban homes

Bushfire threat eases in Sydney's north

Bushfires prompt grain harvesting warning

Call for bushfire research

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