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Thursday, June 04, 2009


A summary of the lightning-sparked wildfires that hit Southern California's Inland Empire yesterday leads off wildfire news today. A pair of bills in the California Legislature aimed to help prevent casualties at future fires and to provide tax breaks for those who lost property in recent wildfires both passed; and a Fire Safe Council publication that advises homeowners how to prevent wildfires from destroying their property is now available. A small wildfire broke out in Springville, California, yesterday. A network of smoke-plume-sensing camera towers in Oregon (technology similar to that employed by The Water Cache Project) is beginning it's third year of successful operation. A woman and a teen blamed for starting a wildfire that destroyed homes and cost millions to suppress in Eastern Washington will not be prosecuted. Two stories out of Arizona today: the importance of being pro-active in wildfire country is underscored by the first article; and two small prescribed burns are summarized in the second. Three important pieces of wildfire-related legislation were signed into law by Colorado's governor yesterday. A wildfire near Grand Rapids, Michigan, burned about 20 acres; but as Alaska suffers through a record dry spell, fire agencies are pleased to report fewer wildfires than might be expected. British Columbia, Canada, is baking under record heat as a number of wildfires continue to burn, recounted by the next two articles; but even as the fire danger in the Martin Mars' home base of Port Alberni continues to rise, Wayne Coulson will be bringing one of these mammoth air-tankers to Southern California to be on hand in case wildfires break out (it will be arriving at Lake Elsinore at 3 PM on 6/10). Record heat in the Yukon has fire agencies on edge as the fourth wildfire in the vicinity of that province's capital has ignited; however, British Columbia is sending a team of wildfire experts to help in that province. With nearly all of their wildfires caused by people, Turkish authorities are trying to educate the public about the dangers of wildfires. Providential rain storms helped quench wildfires that were burning in a Himalayan state in India. Payouts to Australian children and young adults orphaned by the Black Saturday bushfires have been announced; but scores of questionable claims for bushfire relief funds have been received along with legitimate claims, posing a dilemma for authorities. The extremes of people's mindset when facing wildfires and other disasters is probed by our next entry. And finally, how about taking a Segway to your next incident like Tampa Bay, Florida, firefighters do!

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