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Wednesday, September 08, 2010


After much speculation local officials and urgent requests from Southern California Congressmen, the Government Accounting Office (the Congressional investigative agency) has agreed to look into the Station Fire (1); while CAL FIRE reported that a wildfire burning in Northern California had burned over 100 acres (2). As rain arrives in Eastern Washington state, fire officials are warning residents not to become complacent about the fire danger (3); and Arizona's Prescott National Forest will begin controlled burns at the end of this week (4). The next article takes a look at the destruction wrought by the Fourmile Fire, which is burning outside of Boulder, Colorado, and has destroyed 92 structures (5); while spreading to over 6,000 acres in size (6); but although there've been no reported deaths or injuries, eight people are reported missing (7); however, with a 30% chance of rain forecast, the 600 firefighters working the fire may have some relief coming soon (8). The first dispatches from that wildfire include the accident report of a vehicle crashing into a propane tank which sparked the blaze (9); but Colorado has exhausted its resources trying to battle the massive wildfire, prompting them to request federal firefighters from other states (10); a call which Wyoming has answered (11). The Washington Post provides a head-on photo of an Erickson Air-Crane battling the fire (12); while a photo spread from the Denver Post provides some photos from the fire lines, leading off with a striking photo of a P-2V taking off (13); and the last article in the series provides a useful checklist for evacuees from a wildfire (14). Now that fire season is winding down in Northern Idaho, firefighters are planning controlled burns (15); and a series is planned for Utah's Bryce Canyon National Park this month as well (16). Air-tankers were in short supply in Wyoming yesterday, prompting diversion from one wildfire to another (17); where approximately 100 acres were burned at a blaze in Albany County (18). A wildfire in Montana's Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest forced some evacuations (19); and although East Texas has been suffering through triple-digit temperatures, rain is on the way which could help lift the burn ban (20). A firefighter was seriously injured by a rolling log after a debris fire became an out-of-control wildfire in Kentucky (21); but like their neighbor Pennsylvania, New Jersey is also bracing for bad wildfire weather (22); where a two-acre wildfire will be left to burn out by itself (23). Wildfire NOTD subscriber Rodger Ozburn, a Wildland Fire Specialist for West Virginia Division of Forestry, sent along an article about that state's burn ban in areas that haven't seen rain in weeks (24). Brazil is still suffering through a drought, requiring the government to provide water to 80,000 people and sparking a record number of wildfires (25); while Spanish officials have arrested a suspect in connection with wildfires that burned over 5,000 acres near Valencia, where 600 firefighters and over two dozen air-tankers were still battling blazes (26). In the wake of the devastation wrought by wildfires in Russia, President Medvedev is talking reform in forest protection legislation (27); including forging a cooperative agreement for sharing firefighting technology and experience with Spain, another country which has had extensive wildfire activity recently (28); and the sooner the better, as over 400 homes in Siberia were destroyed by new wildfires, leaving over 1100 people homeless (again) (29). As temperatures warm, fire officials in Wellington, New Zealand, are warning residents about the increased bushfire danger (30). Although plenty of attention has been paid to Victoria's ground firefighting by Australia's Royal Bushfire Commission, the next article takes a look at details from the air-attack side, including the fact that a Royal Australian Air Force AP-3C which could have mapped the fire perimeters remained on the ground for some time after the bushfires had exploded (31); followed by an article that provides a look at aircraft which will be fighting wildfires there this season, including a pair of Convair 580 air-tankers (32). Queensland Fire and Rescue Service is warning of a very bad bushfire year, and telling citizens who do not even live in the bush that it could affect them as well (33). And finally, curiosity killed the cat - in this case a bobcat - in Ventura County that had a shocking experience which sparked a five-acre wildfire on Monday!

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