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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


In a rare coalition of loggers, environmentalists, and fire officials, a section of forest burned in an Oregon wildfire is being salvage-logged, our first wildfire article today (1); but a railroad has been charged by the Michigan attorney general for sparking a wildfire two years ago (2). Kentucky will be kicking off their wildfire season, although there is still snow on the ground (3); even as smoke from a wildfire in Jacksonville, Florida, caused a traffic tie-up (4). A college hockey player from Ontario, Canada, discusses his summer wildfire-fighting job in the next article (5); and they could probably use him down in the Pantanos de Centla portion of Tabasco state in Mexico, which is suffering through a dry spell caused by this year's El Nino effect (6). The role that alarmist newspaper headlines play in sensitizing the public to wildfires is examined by a study from Spain (7); but another Spanish study shows how gastropods (snails) can be a good indicator of forest recovery after a wildfire (8). A wildfire burning in the picturesque tourist area around Mt. Cangshan in southwest China has drawn the attention of hundreds of firefighters and a heli-tanker (9); while real estate speculators are suspected of starting a fire in vegetation at a park in the Indian city of Bhavnagar (10). There is concern in the Australian scientific community about the effect of bushfires and climate change on 'mires' in Kosciuszko National Park, which borders Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory (11). One interesting fact has surfaced at the Royal Bushfire Commission hearings: no one who made it into a large body of water died during the Black Saturday bushfires (12); although firefighters have another thing to worry about when battling bushfires in Victoria: dilapidated bridges that could collapse under them! (13) The 'Ride For The Hills' motorcycle event in Whittlesea, Victoria, was a success this past weekend, helping to raise money for bushfire survivors (evidently they didn't have any problems with collapsing bridges) (14). The debate over creating bushfire buffer zones around towns in bushfire-prone areas continues, as the next article shows (15); but homeowners in one Victoria community are concerned about delays in the unveiling of a revised bushfire plan (16); while an octet of bushfire groups in South Australia are joining forces to face the threat of bushfires in their area (17). And finally, what do you do with all those beetle-killed trees that present such a fire hazard in Colorado? Make soap!

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(18) Fort Collins man taps into power of pureed pine wood for soap

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