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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


LA County Fire quickly contained a small wildfire burning in the Ladera Heights region of Los Angeles, California, yesterday morning (1); and a wildfire in Riverside County burned 5 acres yesterday, but a lack of wind allowed firefighters to quickly corral it (2). A combination of budget cuts and hot, dry weather have left the San Diego region less well prepared for catastrophic wildfires (3); while Ventura County firefighters struggled to contain a 51-acre wildfire in Thousand Oaks as temperatures broke records yesterday (4). A wildfire briefly threatened a high school in the Central California community of Soquel (5); and a firefighter who was injured after stepping on a live power line in Bodega Bay while fighting a wildfire yesterday is in critical but stable condition (6). Firefighters contained a 10-acre wildfire that was burning near Novato, California, yesterday (7); while a 38-acre blaze was extinguished near King City (8). Firefighters in Colorado are making progress on wildfires that have been burning there since late last week (9); followed by a story in which Discovery takes a look at the factors leading to wildfires, using those which burned recently in Utah as an example (10). US Forest Service personnel worked with youngsters to thin overgrown forests in Nebraska (11); but a wildfire that has burned 4,500 acres in Wyoming's Bridger-Teton National Forest has forced closures in some new areas (12). A clue to the elevated incidence of heart disease in firefighters has been revealed by researchers from Ohio's University of Cincinnati in the August edition of the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (13). A wildfire in New Hampshire that had burned nearly 11 acres since Saturday has finally been extinguished (14); while Connecticut landed nearly $2 million in federal grant money to help with forest preservation and wildfire protection (15). Several wildfires continue to burn on Virginia's national forest land (16); and firefighters in Florida begin their prescribed burn program in the Apalachicola National Forest (17). With thousands of firefighters on the job and a network of cameras monitoring Turkey's forested areas, wildfires have declined significantly in 2010 when compared to previous years (18). Russia's summer wildfires may have contributed to another official's dismissal, this time the powerful Mayor of Moscow (19). TangentLink sent along an announcement about their upcoming Aerial Emergency Response Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, towards the end of October (20); while firefighters in New Zealand practiced their firefighting skills in preparation for the upcoming bushfire season (21). The Counsel for Australia's Royal Bushfire Commission invoked stories of catastrophic bushfires from 1851, 1939, 1983 and 2009 to emphasize that people should not drop their guard, but remember the Black Saturday bushfires (22); even as that state prepares for a new bushfire season (23). Senior citizens in one Victorian town discuss their bushfire concerns in the next article (24); but despite the bushfire danger posed to homes in some parts of Tasmania, that state's government will not force homeowners to relocate as recommended by the Victorian Royal Bushfire Commission (25). Homeowners living in Port Lincoln, South Australia, will be able to attend a bushfire preparedness meeting next month (26). And finally, the next time you consider the uses for your snorkel, here is one use that was discovered by firefighters in Boise, Idaho!

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