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Friday, February 13, 2009


Copious wildfire news once again today, mostly from the Australian bushfires, but we lead off with an article about how relatives of firefighters killed in the crash of a firefighter transport helicopter last year are suing several companies for restitution, followed by one about American wildland firefighters departing for Australia to help with the bushfires. Suffering through the worst drought in years, China had another forest fire break out along the coast. In Australia, a man has been charged in regards to at least one bushfire and moved to Melbourne due to fear of a potential lynching, and warnings went out about fresh bushfires cropping up as Australia is still counting the cost (around 2,000 homes destroyed, 181 deaths tallied, and about 1,500 square miles of territory burned) as related by the next two articles. A royal commission to investigate the bushfires is being established, detailed in the next article, and the blame game is in full swing as two articles examine what's known about strategy and tactics before and during the blaze. Australian fire agencies are debating the wisdom of controlled burns with some input from Tom Harbour of USFS Aviation, and authorities are advising people living in the bush to consider changing the way they protect themselves from bushfires. Up next, two stories about the same topic with opposite outcomes: firefighters thanked for their heroic actions to save homes and lives, while three other volunteers were notified that they've just been laid off! Two tales that follow relate how a hospital coped splendidly with the chaos of so many wildfire victims being brought in, followed by the trauma of residents returning to one town where as many as 100 people may have died. And finally, a San Clemente, California, cat still has a few of its lives left after firefighters managed to resuscitate it following a fire in the mobile home where it lived.

Relatives of Ore. firefighters killed in crash sue

US sends 60 firemen to battle Australia blazes

Forest fire destroys 133 hectares in Fujian, no casualties

Man charged over deadly Churchill bushfire

Blaze flares up in Australia's wildfire zone

Bushfires still burning in Victoria

Retired judge to head Victoria bushfire royal commission

How the battle with Victoria's bushfires was fought and lost

Government planning blamed for bushfire severity

Australia debates controlled burns

Life or lifestyle, warns fire chief after Victoria bushfires

Heartfelt thanks for heroes drawn from young memories

Workers sacked while saving lives

Hospital's ordeal by bushfire

Marysville residents face traumatic return home

Cat Owes Remaining Lives to Firefighters

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