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Wednesday, November 26, 2008


As the rains arrive in Southern California areas denuded by wildfires, two articles voice fear before the rains arrived and relief after they proved lighter than expected. The next two articles highlight how institutions and plain, ordinary folks are helping people devastated by the wildfires. Two contrasting views of forest recovery after fires are voiced by the next articles: the first by an environmentalist who sees the virtue of letting fires burn; the second by Tom Bonnickson advocating harvesting forests to reduce fire danger. A study out of Geneva underscores the worsening CO2 levels in the atmosphere with some detailed analyses for different parts of the world. Fire managers in Oregon laid out their plan for controlled burns and mechanical thinning to reduce fire danger there, and a story from Georgia recounts efforts there to control wildfires amid increasing population in forested areas. A report out of Colorado details the containment of a 90-acre wildfire, while firefighters in Florida are conducting controlled burns to reduce fire danger until the rains arrive. Two stories deal with firefighters who turned to arson, and two more, from Australia, involve the hunt for an arsonist there and the apprehension of some juvenile arsonists. Finally, a cautionary tale for training academies to do thorough background checks on potential instructors before signing them up to teach.

Rains bring mudslide fears to Calif burn areas

SoCal rain lets up; mudslide threat eases

Bank offers help for wildfire victims

L.A.-area residents step up to help wildfire victims for holiday

Giving Thanks for Burned Forests

Scientist: Logging best prevents forest fires

Global Carbon Dioxide Hit Record Levels in 2007

Sisters Area Wildfire Control

Forestry rangers keep busy

Firefighters expect full containment on Buckhorn fire

Wildfire Warning

SE Okla. volunteer firefighter charged with arson

Former Firefighter Sentenced to 40 Years for Arson

Hunt for Hills freeway firebug

Boys charged over lighting bushfire

Indictment: Montana man forged firefighter papers

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