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Wednesday, August 26, 2009


San Diego Regional Fire Safety Forum's Rick Halsey weighs in on the issue of chaparral and wildfires once again in our first wildfire article today. A wildfire erupted in Azusa Canyon yesterday afternoon (Bill Ward, President of Exit Safe Products, called me to report this, and the smoke plume was visible from my dining room window); as the fire expanded to over 750 acres in size, firefighters were still battling it in steep terrain today; and students from two Southland communities, who had just returned to school after a long summer vacation, were forced to stay inside during class due to excessive smoke in the air. An artist in Ventura County is using the debris from a recent wildfire in a new exhibit that is a cautionary tale for homeowners in the area. Monsoon rains have helped dampen several wildfires burning in New Mexico's Gila National Forest; but although Wyoming's forestry officials will be receiving over $6 million in federal money to help their forests, the governor and forestry officials claim to need more. FireWise communities in New Jersey are showcased in the next article. A wildfire has burned over 1000 acres on British Columbia's Vancouver Island. Spain is having some recurring problems with wildfires in the eastern part of that country; and a wildfire in Bulgaria closed the road to a Black Sea resort for a time. As the Greek wildfires abate and a multi-national firefighting force extinguishes the last embers, many are seeking the source of some of the more suspicious blazes, as the next two articles show. With NOAA satellites identifying over 600 hot spots in Indonesia this month, fire officials were thankful for the return of rain, but cautioned that fires could occur again as plantation land is cleared. New Zealand is trying to learn some of the painful lessons the Black Saturday bushfires in Victoria, Australia, have to offer before it's their turn. Australian experts debated reports of homes spontaneously combusting during the Black Saturday bushfires before the Royal Bushfire Commission meeting in Melbourne, Victoria; but other testimony indicated that even bushfire-proof homes may not be enough to save lives in future bushfires. A roundtable discussion tackles the issue of what's ahead for Victoria and New South Wales when bushfire season begins again. Several bushfires threatened structures in Queensland yesterday; while a pair of helicopter air-tankers on a training mission ended up getting involved in the real thing as an arson-set bushfire broke out in that state. And finally, we all know that firefighters save lives, but how many of them do you know who save hawks, bobcats, and coyotes?

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