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Saturday, August 08, 2009


In our first wildfire story today, the debate over San Diego Gas & Electric's plan to shut off power during Red-Flag days has reignited old feuds over the spending of public safety funds on law-enforcement instead of firefighting in that California county; but vendors and wildfire consultants provided information to homeowners in La Canada/Flintridge today about preparations for the return of the Santa Ana winds. A wildfire in the Los Padres National Forest has been fully contained; but another in Kern County has burned over 100 acres. A summary of wildfires burning in Northern California is up next; even as California Conservation Corps crews are dispatched to help fight the fires. In another example of greed at the expense of wildfire victims, a Red Cross worker made off with hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations intended for people who lost their homes in the Angora fire. Lightning is still causing problems for firefighters in the Sierras, as evidenced by the next story; while a small wildfire in Colorado was quickly corralled by firefighters. In a nightmare scenario, Utah firefighters faced wildfires at both ends of the Salt Lake Valley; but contingents of firefighters from the East, 100 strong, are heading west to help fight wildfires in Utah. FEMA disaster assistance funding is still available to residents of Oklahoma who suffered losses in the recent wildfires, but only for a few more days. Firefighters in a Texas Gulf Coast county battled a wind-driven wildfire with assistance from Texas Forest Service helicopters. Volunteer firefighters, often the first responders to wildfires in the US, are dwindling in number at an alarming rate. The stirring tale of how Canadian firefighters saved a British Columbia town from encroaching wildfires is next up; but another town nearby remains threatened. The wildfire on Terrace Mountain is still burning, and is drawing a great deal of attention from air-tankers; even as the weather is playing a role in wildfires burning in BC, but no reports of new major fires have appeared. As wildfires continue to burn across the province, a highly-touted program to put unemployed people to work as firefighters has proved to be a disappointment; while a flat-lander from Ontario province reflects on lessons learned fighting wildfires in mountainous BC. Greece has lent a couple of CL-415s to neighboring Albania to help fight wildfires (apologies to non-Russian speakers - the translated version of this article can be read here). Country Fire Authority's controversial chief has been reelected for another two years; but Queensland's Sunshine Coast is bracing for a bad fire season. And finally, if you think your job stinks try fighting a wildfire on a landfill!

SDG&E cutoff plan revives city-county firefighting feud

Fire officials host wildfire preparation seminar

Areas of Los Padres National Forest closed due to Ponderosa Fire

Fire Blazes Kernville Mountains

Firefighters make progress against fires in NorCal

Conservation Corps crews dispatched to wildfires

Ex-Red Cross worker suspected of embezzling Angora wildfire money

Firefighters respond to apparent lightning-strike fire

Firefighters are containing West Vail wildfire

Firefighters cleaning up

100 Firefighters Head West To Battle Wildfires

Application deadline nearing for Oklahoma wildfire victims

Fort Bend County wildfire incinerates hundreds of acres

Volunteer Firefighter Numbers Dwindle Nationwide

Lillooet saved by fighting fire with fire

Bella Coola emergency continues

Update: Crews to focus on spot fire today

B.C. forest fires stirred up by winds and heat

Many B.C. firefighters remain unemployed

Ont firefighter says BC blazes different because of water, mountains

Greece sent two aircraft to Albania to fight forest fires

Victoria CFA boss Russell Rees re-appointed for two more years

Bushfire season brings danger

Firefighters, tractor team up on fire at Tulare County's landfill

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