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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


A wildfire that burned 17,000 acres near Clovis, New Mexico, is now 75% contained (1); but the son of a property owner in Colorado has been charged with lighting a debris fire which destroyed over a dozen homes, burning 3,000 acres (2). Firefighters in Oklahoma braced for more wildfires with increased wind activity (3). A summary of wildfire activity in Texas is provided by the next article (4); a broader review of the year to date being provided by the following article (5); a photo spread from NBC news showing some dramatic shots from the fire line (6); Texas Forest Service reporting that fire conditions are unlike anything they've ever seen in that state (7); while an air-tanker brief on efforts of the Texas Forest Service to beef up their aerial assault, including basing the DC-10 and four MAFFS-equipped C-130s at Midland International Airport, is up next (8); followed by the harrowing tale of an injured volunteer firefighter from Gorman whose crew was caught in a burnover last week (9); but a small experimental aircraft crashed while two people were sightseeing over a wildfire near San Angelo (10); and a Christian Science Monitor article asks whether Texas has a problem with wildfire arsonists (11); even as additional evacuations have been ordered (12); including workers at a fish hatchery near Possum Kingdom State Park (13); while firefighters distributed much-needed supplies for those on the fire line (14); and firefighters attempted to make a stand along a highway in Coke County (15); wildfire smoke making life miserable for people with respiratory problems in Northern Texas (16); but help continues to arrive, including Hotshot crews from Arizona and New Mexico (17); but the weather forecast is not encouraging, with a cold front projected to move through the area stirring things up (18); while officials in Harris County have imposed a burn ban for at least the next 90 days after 78 outdoor fires were reported over the weekend (19); something which was recommended eight years ago in a study which was largely ignored by city officials (20). Fire officials in South Carolina fear that weather conditions could stir up a 40-acre wildfire that burned in the Carolina Forest near Myrtle Beach (21); while firefighters in Central Florida are edgy after lower-than-normal rainfall even for the dry season after 20,000 acres have already gone up in smoke so far this year (22). Saskatchewan is upgrading its fleet of CL-215 firefighting aircraft by swapping out their radial engines for turbines (23); but as a dozen wildfires burned nearly 400 ha of forest in Russia's Primorsky territory, the fire danger has been raised to "high" (24). Wildfires in China's Shandong Province are threatening a sacred hilltop called "Jade Emperor Peak" (25); and Indian officials are concerned about future wildfires in Valmiki Tiger Reserve in West Champaran District (26). An update on the ongoing court case in Australia Capital Territory over a 2003 bushfire is provided by the next item (27); but an inquiry into a bushfire that burned in East Gippsland, Victoria, earlier this year could become contentious (28). The status of a police officer who is accused of having accidentally sparked the Roleystone, Western Australia, bushfire is touched upon by the next article (29); while surveys have been distributed to 3,000 households in the Perth Hills in an effort to chart their experiences with bushfires during the summer (30); even as financial payments to help residents of that state affected by a January bushfire are being extended (31). And finally, a well-intentioned writer offers a suggestion on how better to battle the Texas wildfires: outfit the National Guard with tow sacks and beat the fire to death!

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