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Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Wildfires are among the events cited by a press release that listed 2011 as a record-breaking year of natural disasters (1). Forest Grove, Oregon, has decided to defer a decision on whether backyard burning should be banned (2); while FEMA announced that 119 Texas counties are now eligible for federal disaster funds (3). Residents of Virginia's northern Shenandoah Valley should expect more wildfires, according to speakers at an environmental conference (4). The Alberta government has allocated $1.2 million to help several Canadian communities reduce the wildfire danger in their area (5); but a man from Cochrane, Ontario, incurred a stiff fine for dumping hot ashes in a forest and sparking a wildfire (6). Participating chiefs at a one-day workshop requested government assistance in preparing for bushfires in the African nation of Ghana (7). After noting that Country Fire Authority bushfire meetings were poorly attended by local residents, a local government official in Victoria, Australia, organized his own (8); while Country Fire Service announced full containment of a bushfire burning 2 kilometers southeast of Birdwood, South Australia (9). As 2011 draws to a close, residents of Perth, Western Australia, looked back on bushfires that devastated some neighborhoods (10); even as Bushfire Ready groups huddle to decide how best to deal with bushfires of the future (11). And finally, a Texas pre-teen donated all of her savings to help the local fire department after hearing about the Walker County wildfires!

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