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Wednesday, May 02, 2012


CAL FIRE has begun training inmate firefighting crews for wildfire season in Southern California (1); but a $6 million payout to a Santa Barbara couple over injuries suffered during the November 2008 Tea Fire has been made by the property owner and an insurance company (2). In Oregon, Ashland Fire Department is conducting controlled burns now to reduce the incidence of wildfires later (3). A wildfire in Bowie, Arizona, that has charred 1,700 acres is now 25% contained (4); while the next article profiles the US Forest Service Air Attack Base at New Mexico's Alamogordo-White Sands Regional Airport (5). The political wrangling over the Colorado Legislature's efforts to compensate Lower North Fork Fire survivors continues, with the Attorney General’s office warning that they could violate the state constitution if they're not careful (6); and Bureau of Land Management indicated that a 500-acre wildfire burning near Toquerville, Utah, was 30% contained (7). A huge drop in rainfall in the last two months in Travis and Austin Counties, Texas, has increased the wildfire danger in the region (8); even as wind blew a 24,000-acre wildfire within half a mile of Davis Mountain Resort, firefighters confirming that weather was the key to corralling the blaze (9). A firefighter in Goshen County, Wyoming, was injured while battling a control burn that breached containment lines (10). Forest managers in Minnesota feel it's safe to reopen portions of Superior National Forest's Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness burned by wildfires last year (11); while a 60-acre wildfire was reported in Marquette County, Michigan (12). As Virginia lifts it's temporary burn ban, the next article discusses measures homeowners can take to reduce wildfires sparked by debris fires (13). North Carolina National Guard's 145th Airlift Wing is conducting MAFFS drops over the Pisgah National Forest in preparation for wildfire season (14); but a teenage volunteer firefighter is accused of setting six arson wildfires in Robeson (15). In Georgia, US Forest Service will be relying more on military aircraft to help fight wildfires this year (16); while Fort Stewart's Forestry Department is conducting thousands of acres of controlled burns which will last through June (17). Wildfires in Volusia and Flagler Counties, Florida, underscored the fact that worsening drought could breed more blazes (18); and firefighters believe that a 117-acre wildfire in Pasco County was started by an unattended campfire (19). The air-tanker shortage, which is of serious concern to fire managers across the western US, is not a concern to firefighters in Alaska, where a radio segment discusses the abundance of aircraft support in that state (20). A number of factors, including pine beetles and wildfires, have increased the flooding in southern British Columbia, Canada, according to a hydrologist (21); while a three-day anti-bushfire campaign was conducted by officials in the African nation of Gambia last week (22). Victoria, Australia, is poised to spend $200 million over the next four years to enhance public safety from bushfires (23); where a five-hectare bushfire was brought under control by Department of Sustainability and Environment firefighters outside of Harrow yesterday (24). Organizers of an ill-fated ultramarathon which ran participants right through a bushfire near Kimberley, Western Australia, last year had their say at a parliamentary hearing (25). And finally, a World War II vet got the flight of his life thanks to firefighters in Los Angeles, California!

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