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Tuesday, June 04, 2013


Cooler weather across Southern California has helped fire crews bring the 32,000-acre Powerhouse Fire to 60% containment (1); allowing thousands of evacuees to return home (2); even as the Los Padres National Forest reopened campgrounds closed during the White Fire (3); the US Forest Service finally reintroducing night-flying aircraft to the inventory (4); some researchers asking whether longer, more intense fire seasons are the new normal (5); Wildfire NOTD subscriber Rick Halsey, Director of the California Chaparral Institute, weighing in on the debate over whether constant fire suppression leads to worse wildfires in the next article (6); while the San Diego County community of Lemon Grove is employing goats to reduce their wildfire danger (7); a National Public Radio segment examining the preparations by fire agencies to deal with an early fire season (8). A low snowpack in Nevada heralds a challenging wildfire season (9). Fresh off fighting the Powerhouse Fire in Southern California, the DC-10 has been forward-deployed to Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport in preparation for wildfires in that region (10); fire prevention specialists doing what they can to prevent wildfires in the Coconino National Forest (11). As hundreds of firefighters continued to battle wildfires in New Mexico, the Thompson Ridge Fire changed direction, threatening Native American archaeological sites in the Valles Caldera National Preserve (12); the following article taking a closer look at efforts by power utilities to reduce the number of wildfires sparked by power lines (13); current conditions promising more wildfires across the Southwest this summer (14). Firefighters in Colorado continued to battle a 15-acre wildfire near Evergreen (15); the following article providing some photos from the firelines (16); and fire crews fought a 29-acre wildfire in the Roosevelt National Forest (17). Cooler, moister air is helping firefighters in Alaska battling wildfires, including a 3 1/2 mi.² blaze in the interior (18). A Canadian from Cariboo, British Columbia, is appealing an $861,000 fire suppression bill levied against him by the government (19); but a wildfire burning in northern Saskatchewan's "observation zone" will not be engaged by firefighters (20); Ontario's Ministry of Natural Resources providing an update on the wildfire situation in that province in the next item (21). In the Mediterranean Basin, wildfires were reported in Clérac, France, Amial, Viseu, Portugal, Abarán, Spain, Marathocampos Samos, Greece, Agios Therapon, Cyprus, and Latakia, Syria (22); and on the island of Borneo, Sandakan Fire and Rescue fire crews battled a 2.5-acre wildfire (23). Heading to Australia, Queensland Fire and Rescue Service is advising landowners to begin bushfire burn-offs early due to the accumulation of unburned fuel (24); the results of a recent survey by New South Wales Rural Fire Service showing that 75% of property owners in that state do not have a bushfire plan (25); while a 300-hectare bushfire has been reported near Nashdale, South Australia (26). And finally, Farmers Insurance will be hosting their 23rd Annual Farmers Insurance Fire & Safety Expo/Firefighter Demolition Derby at San Diego County's Del Mar Fairgrounds on June 8th which will culminate with the Burn Run Parade of fire trucks and apparatus!

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