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Saturday, June 19, 2010


A more detailed look at the Los Angeles County Supervisors' interest in wildfire-detecting satellites is provided by our first article today (1); and ideal wildfire conditions have been forecast for the weekend in San Diego County's desert regions (2). A wildfire in Kern County drew a rapid response from multiple agencies on Friday (3); while CAL FIRE reported a blaze in Alameda County, a grass fire which quickly burned past the 400-acre mark (4); and now that fire season has officially begun in Napa Valley, residents and firefighters hope their preparations are enough (5). A wildfire is burning at high elevation in the mountains above Fort Huachuca, Arizona (6); but the value of prescribed burns carried out around Prescott was demonstrated by firefighters' ability to rope in a wildfire this past week (7). The slow response of US Forest Service firefighters to reports of a wildfire in Arizona's Kaibab National Forest is being cited by homeowners living in the area (8); even as evacuees from that wildfire are being allowed to return (9); but a 100-acre wildfire was reported on the outskirts of Flagstaff (10). A wildfire was sparked near Jarales, New Mexico, when a motorist drove over some debris from a Cottonwood tree (11); and an update on the wildfires burning in the Santa Fe National Forest is provided by the next article (12). A wildfire in Colorado's Uncompahgre National Forest is continuing to spread (13); while a 30-acre wildfire was reported on Roan Plateau this morning (14); and a wildfire that is still burning out of control in Great Sand Dunes National Park has passed the 5,000 acre mark (15). The importance of heli-tankers in fighting a massive blaze on the Texas-New Mexico border is underscored by the next article (16); this at a time when hundreds of firefighters from several Plains states are boning up on their wildfire-fighting skills in Rapid City, South Dakota (17). Wildfires in three Florida counties are presented in a chart associated with the next article (18); where 21 wildfires were sparked by lightning in less than three days (19). The Willow Creek Fire may sully the skies of Fairbanks, Alaska (20); and firefighters on Maui had to deal with wildfires on opposite sides of that Hawaiian island (21). The long-debated issue of the Federal Aviation Administration allowing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to fly unfettered in American skies, something which would dispense with the practice of UAVs flying behind a lead plane below 300 feet while surveying wildfires, is under consideration again (22). Three lightning-sparked wildfires are burning in northwestern British Columbia, Canada (23); but despite nearly 100 wildfires in India's Sanjay Gandhi National Park over the past two years, wildlife continues to thrive (24). The Insurance Council of Australia estimates that $1 billion in Black Saturday bushfire claims have been paid out in cash, something which may indicate that few people are interested in rebuilding in the same area (25); and a shire in Victoria is holding off on an urban development plan until the Royal Bushfire Commission hands down its bushfire recommendations in a few weeks (26). The power company being sued by hundreds of people affected by the Black Saturday bushfires is trying to 'share the wealth' of a very expensive payout by blaming Country Fire Authority and the Victoria government for the disaster (27); but a Singapore-based power company wanted to set the record straight on just who is being sued (28). The Victorian government has allocated $1.5 million for municipalities to reduce the bushfire threat by keeping weeds off of roads (29). Amid all the rebuilding in areas hit by bushfires, the next article shows how nature is performing its own burn-area restoration in Queensland's Carnarvon Gorge National Park (30). And finally, the dire situation of seven ducklings who fell into a storm drain in Port Huron, Michigan, turned out just ducky thanks to firefighters!

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