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Friday, March 22, 2013


The Los Angeles Times examines the potential closure of 14 Southern California air traffic control towers which could have a significant impact on the DC-10 and federal air-tankers based at Fox Field (1); but US Forest Service crews quickly dealt with five suspicious wildfires in Waterman Canyon above San Bernardino and police collared the person suspected of lighting them (2). A letter to the editor in Elko, Nevada, discusses the need to reduce wildfire fuel ahead of the fire season (3); while New Mexico will be getting a $7.2 million reimbursement from FEMA to cover wildfire-fighting costs in 2012 (4). The efforts of one El Paso County, Colorado, commissioner in persuading Congress to provide watershed protection funding from the effects of wildfires is chronicled in the next item (5); the one which follows discussing the $2,500 credit homeowners can earn by clearing wildfire fuel from their property (6); while a video revisits lawmakers' plans to deploy a force of three air-tankers, three command and control planes and 3-4 helicopters to fight wildfires statewide (7). Idaho's Clearwater Potlatch Timber Protective Association will pay a $10,500 fine to OSHA in regards to the death of a wildland firefighter last year (8). An insurance organization offers some tips to residents of Texas on how to protect their homes from wildfires as drought conditions are expected to increase the intensity of those blazes (9); while the Austin Police Department has finally received approval to add wildland firefighting capabilities to a new helicopter (10). Pennsylvania's Department of Military and Veterans Affairs’ Forestry Department will conduct controlled burns on 3,000 to 4,000 acres in the Fort Indiantown Gap through May to reduce fuel for wildfires (11); in the meantime, grant money is helping the Wilmore Fire Department deploy an ATV to fight wildfires (12). Firefighters in Cranston, Rhode Island, responding to a wildfire in a cemetery found a body on fire! (13) Now that the wildfire that destroyed over 100 condominiums in South Carolina's Windsor Green is out, pet owners are scouring the countryside for their charges (14); and dozens of 911 calls which came in the night of the Carolina Forest Fire will soon be available online (15). Although firefighters in Brevard County, Florida, extinguished two wildfires yesterday, one is being deemed suspicious in its origin (16); and the Florida Forest Service announced that a 50-acre wildfire in Sebring is now 100% contained (17); but exploding propane tanks are being blamed for a blaze in Nassau County (18). The impact of bushfires on drinking water supplies on the drought-stricken Caribbean island of St. Kitts is explored by the next article (19); and multiple wildfires have done substantial damage to the flora in Thailand's Hat Chao Mai National Park (20). Good news for Australians who suffered losses from bushfires is that their government disaster payments will be exempt from taxes (21); but after a long and difficult bushfire season in Victoria, Elvis has left the outback! (22) The mayor of bushfire-ravaged Dunalley, Tasmania, is considering how best to spend $5 million being distributed by the Bushfire Recovery Unit (23). And finally, a graphic image from Pennsylvania shows that wildfire costs impact everyone!

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