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Wednesday, July 24, 2013


In our first item today, Wildfire NOTD subscriber Mikel Robinson, Executive Director of the International Association of Wildland Fire, offered an invitation to a webinar next week which will discuss how climate change is impacting tree mortality in the Western US (1). Following Southern California's $22.8 million Mountain Fire, an editorial discusses the importance of thinning vegetation to prevent catastrophic fires (2); Aetna Insurance doing its part to help people impacted by that fire (3); even as fire crews brought a 612-acre wildfire near Lebec to 75% containment (4); the ongoing struggle to form a County Fire Authority in San Diego County being touched upon by the next article (5); while a wildfire in the Sierra National Forest has burned between 2,000 and 3,000 acres north of Huntington Lake (6); lightning sparking at least four small wildfires across the Sierras (7). An update on wildfire activity in Oregon is provided by the next article (8); where a man has been accused of starting a 330-acre wildfire in Klamath County that is now 10% contained (9); but although river goers had to be evacuated due to a forest fire in Clark County, no structures were threatened (10); however, the Siuslaw National Forest has raised fire warnings to Industrial Fire Precaution Level Two, restricting commercial operations (11); the next article profiling Portland's Northwest Fire Coordination Center (12); the agency of automobiles sparking wildfires being examined by the one which follows (13). A USA Today video segment shows the area where the Granite Mountain Hotshots died fighting Arizona's Yarnell Hill Fire (14); Sen. Jeff Flake weighing in on the importance of the stewardship contracting authority program which is in danger of ending in September (15). A summary of wildfire activity in northwestern Colorado is provided by the next article (16); while the Association for Responsible Development will present the issue of firefighting aircraft at a forum to be held in Estes Park August 1st (17); the Interior Secretary discussing the new partnership with Colorado to protect water sources from wildfires in a video segment (18); a veteran air-tanker pilot lobbying for early initial attack on wildfires with SEATs (19). Ten major wildfires continue to burn across 35,000 acres in Idaho (20); where fire crews battling a 75-acre wildfire in the Snake River Canyon complained that much-needed air support was being diverted to other fires (21); but despite wildfires burning in that state, folks in the town of Stanley reminded tourists that they are open for business (22). Fire crews gained the upper hand on two wildfires burning in Utah (23); however, a firefighter was hospitalized after collapsing while fighting a wildfire in Denton County, Texas (24). Dozens of summer homes are threatened by a 1,700-acre wildfire burning outside of Lander, Wyoming (25). As another wildfire popped up in the Bob Marshall Wilderness, Montana's Flathead National Forest increased fire restrictions (26); wildfires having some impact on hikers in the area (27); but a 10 mi.² wildfire outside of Superior has cost over $7 million to bring to 60% containment (28). An editorial takes a closer look at how climate change is impacting Alaska (29). Four air-tankers and three helicopters responded to a 14-hectare wildfire burning near Logan Lake, British Columbia, Canada (30); the next article taking a look back 10 years to the catastrophic fire season of 2003 in which 2,500 fires burned 265,000 hectares costing $375 million to fight (31); Ontario's Ministry of Natural Resources updating the fire situation in that province (32); but firefighters announced complete containment of a 2,400-hectare wildfire burning on Gull Island, Labrador (33); where the Department of Natural Resources has lifted the ban on outdoor burning due to improving conditions (34). Fifteen wildfires have been reported across Europe in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Croatia, and Turkey (35); Switzerland's Federal Environment Office warning of an elevated fire danger with the approach of the weekend (36); while military personnel were brought in to help fight wildfires threatening two northern villages in Lebanon (37). And finally, firefighters battling a wildfire in California's Sierra National Forest made a surprising discovery: two orphaned screech owls!

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