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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Leading off the news today, two articles about the FLAME Act, a bill introduced last year in both the US House and Senate to correct wildfire budget overruns, has been reintroduced, ironically, just as Bob Cavage and Tony Morris of Wildfire Research Network are in Washington to make presentations to government officials about wildfire issues (an electronic copy of their presentation is available online and is titled "Wildfire Fighting in America At A Crossroads!") San Diego's City Attorney is investigating possible overcharging by the contractor removing debris from 365 burn sites cleared off after the wildfires of 2007; while a mathematical approach to fires is provided by a San Diego State University professor, as reported in Nature Geoscience. With the death of a firefighter while battling a wildfire in Oklahoma, fire officials are pulling out all the stops to catch the arsonist; and firefighters in Tennessee had a few fires of their own to contend with yesterday. North Carolina reported a couple more wildfires; and two articles out of Louisiana recap fire concerns there: citing recent wildfires in Louisiana, fire agencies underscore the unusually dry conditions in the region; and possible hazardous materials deposited by hurricanes has officials warily probing debris exposed by the recent wildfires. With the drought in Florida reaching 'extreme' levels, firefighters quickly brought a wildfire near businesses under control. Pine beetles are making their presence felt in Canada's Boreal Forest regions; but London's Australian population has chipped in a tidy sum to help with bushfire relief Down Under. Who says log homes can't stand up to a bushfire? A new book that details disasters in Australia delayed printing as the bushfires of Black Saturday raged. Now that the cost from the Victoria bushfires is being added up, fire agency and government officials are having to fend off blame for the carnage; with some members of the Australian government concerned about a sanitized report and conflict of interests between various groups in and out of government. And finally, you find the darndest things after a wildfire!

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