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Tuesday, September 09, 2008


There was wildfire news within the technology realm, on the international scene, and, first up, in the political realm, as legislators in Sacramento stirred up a hornet's nest over a bill designed to make counties responsible for housing developments in wildfire areas. Next up, news out of the Siskiyous, as wildfires there continue to burn. A couple of stories out of Washington state, leading off with one about helitack teams and another discussing a utility fire caused by some target practice on power lines. Hawaiian firefighters have finally extinguished a two-week-old wildfire there. Technology is providing some interesting solutions to firefighting, as shown by a trio of articles, the first from Lebanon, where engineers are developing high-tech electronic sensors to detect wildfires; the next on how fire managers are using webcam technology to track wildfire progress (and give some nifty views of Yosemite at this weblink); and the third about a new web portal that will provide detailed fire information to firefighters in real-time format. A trio of articles provide info on Bulgaria's fires to date, as well as the EU/NATO assistance they received with their recent wildfires: two French CL-415's and two more en-route from Spain (Greece planned to send two as well, but had to decline as fire conditions there worsened). Southern Africa is still tallying up the cost of their recent wildfires, and Australia is fighting the battle of invasive species (Gamba Grass, in their case) that burns furiously during bushfires there. And finally, some pointers on how German firefighters captured a runaway 'roo (to the accompaniment of 'Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport'?)

Fire measure faces strong opposition

UPDATE - Fires threaten rural Northern California homes

DNR's helitack firefighters a swift response to state wildfires

Shooting May Have Sparked Shelton Wildfire

Wailea wildfire on Maui extinguished

AUB team invents new tool to help battle forest fires

Park officials watch on Web cam as Sierra fire grows

Fetch Launches U.S. Wildfires Intelligence Portal

National Forestry Agency has registered 489 wildfires since beginning of year

Wildfires in Rila 'ROUNDUP'

Bulgaria Continues to Battle Rila Fire

165 fires reported in 9 days

Big blaze rages in grassland

German firefighters use net to capture kangaroo

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