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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Residents of Nevada were reminded of the beginning of Wildfire Awareness Week May 1st in our first article today (1); while a 35-acre wildfire that burned in Arizona's Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest last week was apparently human caused (2); and a wildfire that has scorched over 5,000 acres outside of Las Cruces, New Mexico, is now considered 40% contained (3). Wildfire activity is shutting down some highways near Lubbock, Texas (4); but a wildfire outside of Houston has been brought under control (5); the destruction wrought by the Texas wildfires being touched on in the next item (6). The Executive Director of the National Wildfire Suppression Association weighs in on the dilemma faced by Texas homeowners when wildfires threaten their homes (7); while a New York Times article penned by Wildfire NOTD subscriber Dina Fine Maron takes a closer look at how firefighters from almost every state in the union are battling wildfires in Texas (8). Now that firefighters have extinguished an 11,785-acre wildfire outside of Wichita, Texas, the firefighting bill has come due (9); and citing the heavy commitment of firefighter resources being used elsewhere in the state, Orange County has extended its burn ban for another 30 days (10). Texans are scratching their heads over the delay on the part of President Obama to declare an emergency in regards to the wildfires ravaging that state (11); while the exploits of the Air Force's 302nd Air Expeditionary Group on the Texas wildfires is chronicled in the next article (12). Minnesota Interagency Fire Center reminded property owners of the wildfire danger even though climate conditions are cold and damp (13); but an arsonist has changed his pattern, lighting wildfires instead of house fires, according to the Forestry Division of the Tennessee Department of Agriculture (14). TangentLink sent along a reminder about their upcoming aerial firefighting conference in Washington DC at the end of next month (15). After seeing 42,000 acres scorched by wildfires so far this year, Florida Division of Forestry is bracing for a very active spring wildfire season (16); the following article supporting that premise while providing additional fire information (17); while the Florida Division of Forestry reported a 300-acre wildfire in Glades County was now 50% contained (18). A 20 ha forest fire in East Sussex, UK, was blamed on a barbecue (19); and 10 ha of gorse went up in flames in the Daviot Woods outside of Inverness-shire, Scotland (20). Several Swiss cantons have reported wildfires (21); while a Norwegian firm received approval for its environmentally-friendly firefighting foam (22). Wildfire activity was reported in Bulgaria and Macedonia, where several fires are burning (23); and Wildfire NOTD subscriber Tony Morris, Communications Director for Wildfire Research Network, sent along an article detailing the activation of Israel's squadron of seven AT-802 SEATs (24). A small wildfire was reported in Indian Kashmir on the Pakistani border (25); even as officials are evaluating the ecological damage done by a wildfire on the banks of Sukhna Lake in Chandigarh (26). And finally, for you thrillseekers out there, how about a stint fighting radioactive forest fires outside of Chernobyl, Ukraine?

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