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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


A trio of stories from the National Fire Protection Association lead off with the president of the organization discussing steps homeowners can take in preparing for wildfires, something which is of great importance in the US where some 45 million homes are in danger (1); the following article providing numerous tales of homes lost to wildfires internationally (2); concluding with an interview with an environmental historian who sketches out the history of Americans and wildfire (3). Santa Barbara County officials continued their push to reinstate Southern California's Santa Maria Airport as a full-time federal air-tanker base (4); while fire agencies are lifting fire restrictions in Nevada's western mountain ranges due to a change in the weather (5); the next article taking a look at Idaho's Boise National Forest and its "let-burn" policy that allows wildland fires free reign within the 2.6 million acre forest (6). The Texas Workforce Commission has announced jobless benefits for residents of 23 counties devastated by wildfires that destroyed 2,800 homes statewide (7); and a Bastrop County town hall meeting providing information on wildfire recovery drew hundreds of people who had been impacted by wildfires that destroyed upwards of 1,500 homes in the community (8). Although it's officially fall, the weather in northwestern Wisconsin still thinks it's summer, posing an increased fire danger for the region (9); while fire crews will burn about 13 acres in Deer Lake Park, outside of St. Louis, Missouri (10). Michigan Department of Natural Resources firefighters responded to a wildfire which burned between 3 and 5 acres in Antrim County (11). A warm, dry spell has firefighters in Kentucky worried about wildfires (12); and as temperatures reach into the 90s, the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry warned of an increased wildfire danger there as well (13). Cooler weather helped firefighters battling a 2,000-hectare wildfire in Manitoba, Canada's, Riding Mountain National Park (14); nevertheless firefighters were still grappling with a 15,000-hectare wildfire which was burning out of control near Caliento (15); while a 114-hectare wildfire burning near Robertson Cliffs, Ontario, has forced some detours for hikers (16). In Southern Europe, wildfires were reported in Spain, Portugal, and France (17). Following a 20 ha wildfire that burned on Victoria's Mount Cottrell, Country Fire Authority officials warned homeowners that Australia's bushfire season is upon them (18); even as bushfires north of Alice Springs, Northern Territory, forced evacuations and closed parks in the area (19); members of the Northern Territory Cattlemen's Association saying that it will take months for pasture land to recover from the blazes (20). A burn-off which got out of control briefly threatened radio towers near Hamersley, Western Australia (21). And finally, firefighters in Maryland found a new use for their hazmat suits: cleaning up after a bleach fight at a Wal-Mart!

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