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Saturday, August 15, 2009


Firefighters, assisted by two air tankers, grappled with a wildfire in Ventura County, California, yesterday; while nearly a dozen articles discuss wildfires burning in California: we lead off with an article about how the parched conditions have contributed to massive wildfires in this state; a case study in 'how to eat an elephant' (in this case, how one crew fought the Lockheed Fire), is up next; followed by some information about the Chalk Fire, and other wildfires burning in Northern California; even as the Lieutenant Governor of California declared an emergency for the Santa Cruz area to free up federal funding to help both local governments and homeowners; some details on the army of firefighters and equipment battling the La Brea Fire next; the DC-10 saw some action over the Corral Fire, which has spread to 15,000 acres; an article submitted by John Jensen of Lake County News reports that the forest service announced that the Summit Fire has been contained; residents of Yuba County were forced to evacuate as a wildfire expanded yesterday; the Martin Mars made a visit to Lake Cachuma, in Santa Barbara County, while battling the La Brea Fire today; but late in the day, firefighters got a break in the weather; and the supervisor of Sequoia National Forest comments on their (thankfully) slow fire season so far. The US Secretary of Agriculture paid a visit to Washington state and discussed the new forest management strategy proposed by his agency; something which is apparently appealing to both conservationists and foresters (and they said it couldn't be done!) A trio of fire stories out of Texas today: Texas Forest Service is providing aircraft to battle three blazes in Madison County; an army camp was the scene of an air assault by firefighting aircraft; and almost two dozen states have sent contingents of firefighters to help with the blazes. A wildfire sparked by lightning in Michigan's upper Peninsula has already exceeded 120 acres in size; but late in the day, some firefighters were able to detach to attend to a much smaller blaze elsewhere in the state. A Canadian firefighting helicopter battling blazes in British Columbia has apparently crashed. With over double the amount of acreage already burned compared to the 2008 fire season, Spain is throwing an aerial armada at fires burning in the northeastern part of that country. Firefighters in China have a somewhat different mission to perform, putting out thirst instead of wildfires in drought-stricken villages. Firefighters in Malaysia have their hands full with wildfires, apparently started by plantation owners clearing land. Inquests into the death of Australians killed by the Black Saturday bushfires will have to be coordinated between the fire agencies and the police; even as 'stay and fight' is being offered as a bushfire policy in Australia Capital Territory by at least one firefighting expert, after having lost favor in other states. Despite claims that New South Wales is burning off substantial amounts of vegetation ahead of the bushfire season, opposition politicians have shown that this amounts to only about a quarter of the land on which controlled burns were implemented in 2003. The Australian army could serve a larger role in relief efforts in future bushfires. And finally, vehicle pursuit is usually the realm of the police, but a Chicago firefighter managed to run down an out-of-control SUV on foot!

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