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Thursday, October 16, 2008


The news today leads off with a bit of politics in regards to Chula Vista's new fire chief (let's hope he shows up for the job, unlike his predecessor in the running), followed by one about the political wrangling going on between state and federal officials to get the C-130J aircraft equipped with MAFFS-2 systems (the delay perhaps providing an opportunity for proponents of PCADS to offer this as an alternative until the MAFFS units are functional). Three encouraging reports of firefighters' progress in snuffing the Southern California wildfires follows, but it looks like SCE may be in hot water, similar to SDG&E in San Diego, since the Sesnon Fire was caused by a high-voltage line sparking in the brush (when will these power companies start pre-treating with Phos-Chek G75 under power lines to eliminate this problem?). Once again, pollution from the fires is in the news, this time a comparison between this year's fires and those of 2007. The governor is in the news in the next two articles, declaring a state of emergency and discussing the response to the fires. While San Diego and LA were having their problems with wildfires, Orange County had a small one of their own to jump on, with water-dropping helicopters getting high praise from firefighters. San Diegans recall the destruction of the Rice Fire a year later, and firefighters in San Diego roll out a new weapon for the fall fire season. USFS has suspended contracts with Carson Helicopters (the vendor whose S-61 crashed earlier this year), while arson investigators are still looking over a Colorado fire from last week. Napa residents recall last week's wildfire in their neighborhood, and West Virginians worry about how dry their state is compared to conditions when a terrible fire began in 1952. An interesting study was recently completed in which soil from burn areas was analyzed with some surprising results. Switching overseas, Botswana, Africa, is counting the cost from their devastating fire season, just ended, while a cautionary tale comes out of Australia, a definite 'Watch Out' for wildland operations.

City taps second fire chief in month

Guard planes not yet equipped to fight wildfires

California wildfire danger eases as winds fade

California wildfires nearly fully surrounded

Sesnon Fire Now 70 Percent Contained

Heavy pollution from this year's wildfires

Schwarzenegger Declares State of Emergency in San Bernardino County Due to Wildfires

Governor Regarding the Sesnon Fire and Firefighting Efforts Statewide

Water drops help crews get jump on forest brush fire

Remembering the Rice Fire… one year later

San Diego Firefighters Have a New Weapon in Their Firefighting Arsenal

Forest Service suspends contract with Carson Helicopters

Redlands Mesa fire destroys 3 homes

Deer Park fire burns 300 acres

Fall Fire Season a Major Worry

When it comes to forest soil, wildfires pack 1-2 punch

Ripple effects of veldt fires on Botswana

Army flare sparked NSW south coast fire

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