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Friday, February 05, 2010


In wildfire news today, Southern California is once again bracing for rain in Station Fire burn areas over the next few days (1); forcing closure of portions of the Angeles Crest Highway (2); even as a US Forest Service job fair will be conducted at Little Tujunga Ranger Station tomorrow (3). The author of a book about Native Americans had no idea that his research would take him to San Diego and the front lines of a wildfire! (4) US Forest Service and UC Davis are teaming up to host a wildfire conference in Sacramento next week (5). The tug-of-war between a US Senator from Oregon and the federal government over $2 million allocated for forest thinning continues (6); while a bill proposed by a Washington state legislator would hike property taxes (even on urban dwellers) to help pay for wildland firefighting (7). Unpredictable weather and miscues by firefighters are being blamed for an Arizona wildfire that cost over $3 million to suppress last year (8); while there is concern in southern Utah that there could be flooding in areas denuded by the Mill Flat Fire last year (9). Logging of beetle-killed timber in Colorado is continuing in a race against time as fire season nears (10); and due to an El Nino effect altering this winter's climate, the Montana Natural Resources Conservation Service warns that fire season could start sooner this year in that state (11); even as the Bitterroot National Forest offers a number of positions for the coming fire season (12). Firefighters in Missouri's Mark Twain National Forest will conduct prescribed burns to lessen the danger of catastrophic wildfires (13); while next week marks North Carolina's first official 'Prescribed Fire Awareness Week' (14). The military had to be called in to help battle a wildfire encroaching on a popular resort town in the South American country of Colombia (15). Heading Down Under, a chilling video provides a view of what Victorians living in Kinglake saw as the Black Saturday bushfires swept down on that community (16); and a University of Sydney study suggests that Victoria will need to hire more paid firefighters to keep up with future bushfires (17). But despite the difficulties of rebuilding, at least one Kinglake family is proceeding with the task (18); and rangers at a Gippsland park are encouraged by the signs of recovery there (19). An Op-Ed piece from the head of the Victorian Bushfire Appeal Fund reflects on the generosity of strangers (20); but a Victoria politician is recommending that the remaining bushfire recovery efforts be turned over to local communities (21). Concerns are being raised over sediment and ash from salvage logging operations along the Yarra River killing off fish and polluting one of Melbourne's water sources (22); while damage done by a bushfire in Western Australia is being assessed (23). And finally, firefighters in Washington state can add another capability to their repertoire: livestock herders!

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