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Tuesday, August 02, 2011


Although a storm in the Sierra Nevada Mountains helped dampen wildfires around California's Sequoia National Park, lightning strikes didn't help the wildfire situation (1); but firefighters in Siskiyou County hope to have a 12-acre lightning-sparked wildfire fully contained by this evening (2); and property owners in Nevada County voiced their concerns over the new $150 "fire tax" being levied against those living in State Responsibility Areas (3). The Oregon Department of Forestry has ratcheted up the wildfire danger warnings in Southern Oregon (4). Seattle, Washington's, Pacific Wildland Fire Sciences Laboratory is profiled in the next article (5); while a 250-acre wildfire burning near Lake Chelan is now 30% contained (6); and one square mile of the Hanford Nuclear Reservation caught fire (7). Firefighters battling a 577-acre blaze near Reno, Nevada, have reached 60% containment and hope to have it fully contained today (8); while an Arizona legislator rails against environmentalists whose policies (and lawsuits) he feels led to the devastating wildfires which visited that state recently (9). A 75-acre wildfire burning in New Mexico's Sacramento Mountains is now fully contained (10); as US Forest Service officials from the Santa Fe National Forest begin public meetings today and tomorrow to discuss things residents can do to help with the wildfire recovery (11). A Boise, Idaho, wildland firefighter who died battling blazes in Texas will be laid to rest on Thursday (12). An 80-acre wildfire outside of Oklahoma City sent three firefighters to the hospital, two for burns and one for heat exhaustion (13); and Texas Forest Service reported a 230-acre wildfire burning in rugged terrain in Callahan County (14). Although western Montana's rainfall has substantially reduce the danger of wildfires, central and eastern Montana have a lot of fuel left to burn before the season ends (15); a situation underscored by the report of four small lightning-sparked wildfires reported west of Kalispell (16); and another that covered 168 acres in the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness Area (17); but Department of Natural Resources and Conservation firefighters declared victory over a wildfire that was burning in the Garnet Mountains (18). An update on the 13,700-acre wildfire burning in Wyoming's Washakie Wilderness is provided by the next item (19); but despite the fires, officials are hoping that the slow start to the fire season means they will have fewer blazes to fight this year (20). South Dakota's Division of Wildland Fire Suppression snuffed three lightning-sparked wildfires in the Black Hills Monday (21); but as Missouri suffers through triple-digit heat, fire officials are worried about the wildfire danger (22). Officials in Hinesville, Georgia, fear they have a serial arsonist in the neighborhood after several suspicious wildfires were reported (23). The fire situation in the Canadian province of Alberta is examined by the next article (24); where firefighters planned to conduct controlled burns in Elbow-Sheep Provincial Park (25); while the Royal Canadian Mounted Police evacuated a campground in Manitoba due to a nearby wildfire (26); and thunderstorms moving through Ontario were expected to spark more wildfires in the Northwest Region, where 130 are already burning (27). In southern Europe, Spain and Italy reported a pair of wildfires each (28); and in Russia, 10,000 ha are ablaze in Arkhangelsk Region, additional fires being reported in the Republic of Komi and Moscow, as well as the Vladimir and Ryazan regions (29). Indonesia's bushfire smoke is once again making breathing difficult in Thailand (30); while numerous wildfires in Vietnam's Central Provinces have prompted officials to raise the threat level, increasing fire suppression resources there (31). Representatives from Commonwealth, State and Territory governments agreed on a new "National Strategy for the Prevention of Bushfire Arson" that would affect Australia and New Zealand, hopefully reducing a crime which costs $1.6 billion each year (32); but protesters in Victoria called on the Department of Sustainability and Environment to conduct further studies on the impact of logging by VicForests in Toolangi State Forest (33). And finally, a firefighter in the UK who answered an emergency call never realized he would be rescuing his future wife!

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