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Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Nearly 1,000 firefighters from every agency in Southern California's San Diego County participated in the annual Fire Preparedness Exercise to prepare for wildfires (1); while a small army of firefighters and aircraft are battling a 30,758-acre wildfire burning in Arizona's Coronado National Forest (2); and New Mexico's Mountainair Ranger District has been closed due to extreme wildfire danger (3). Although Texas Forest Service is getting the upper hand on wildfires in that state, the list of blazes is still long, as the next item shows (4); but ranchers in Jeff Davis County voiced their disgust with firefighters who set backfires that ravaged their ranchland during the 110,000-acre Rock House Fire (5). Warmer weather in Minnesota is bringing out the worst in wildfires, according to the Department of Natural Resources (6); while Montgomery County Fire and Rescue has concluded its investigation into a February wildfire that burned 460 acres in Maryland (7). The Southern Forest Futures Project, a new report released by USDA Forest Service and the Southern Group of State Foresters projects an extended fire season for forest areas in the southern United States (8); even as firefighters set nearly 10,000 acres ablaze in Georgia's Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge, stating that the fire could grow to as much as 148,000 acres before containment is complete (9). Three new Canadian wildfires were reported in Ontario's Northeast Fire Region yesterday (10). Hundreds of firefighters continued to pour into Alberta from all over Canada to battle approximately 100 wildfires which have scorched 100,000 ha so far (11); Québec's Société de protection des forêts contre le feu (SOPFEU) sending a quartet of CL-415 air-tankers to assist (12); while the impact of the wildfires on the oilsands developments is examined in the next article (13); but as some homeowners begin to return to Slave Lake, many are describing the community as looking like a war zone (14); satellite photos provided by NASA showing the wildfires around Slave Lake (15). As Saskatchewan battles 15 forest fires of its own, fire officials apologized for not sending more help to fight Alberta's blazes (16). Israel's fledgling air-tanker fleet was called into action when a wildfire burning in inaccessible terrain was reported along the Sea of Galilee (17); but a wildfire that broke out along the border between China and Kazakhstan has been extinguished (18); while a 2-3 km wildfire burning along the India-Pakistan border in Kashmir set off several landmines (19). As with other Australian states blessed (or cursed) with abundant rain, fire officials in the Northern Territory warned of extreme bushfire danger when the season arrives (20). And finally, a Black Saturday bushfire survivor trying to rebuild, but beset by thievery at his old home is asking for some consideration from the vandals!

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