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Thursday, May 06, 2010


Two Wildfire News Of The Day subscribers from Southern California, Maurice Luque, Media Services Manager for San Diego Fire-Rescue Department, and Rick Halsey, Director of the California Chaparral Institute, lead off the news today with a warning to fellow San Diegans to prepare for wildfire season (1); and Ventura County Fire Department is mailing out thousands of weed abatement notices to homeowners as fire season gets underway (2). Santa Barbara County fire officials are urging residents in the Santa Ynez Valley to prepare for wildfire season (3); just as a 50 acre wildfire was reported in Kern County (4). Britt Gourley, CEO of California-based air-tanker giant Aero Union sent along a link to a press release regarding their involvement in helping the US deal with the worsening oil slick disaster along the Gulf Coast (5); and CAL FIRE is continuing aerial exercises in Northern California in preparation for wildfire season (6). A bill in the US House of Representatives will set aside more area around Oregon Caves National Monument and require some thinning of vegetation to protect the historic château from wildfires (7); while the next article highlights fire lookout towers in Washington state being maintained by the Forest Fire Lookout Association (8). A video report looks back on the massive Cerro Grande Fire which burned through Los Alamos, New Mexico, 10 years ago (9). In the aftermath of the Blackhawk Fire, a Firewise coordinator in Colorado reiterated the fact that the state is now in the fire season (10); and the National Interagency Fire Center is indicating that wildfires across the northern Rockies may be worse than usual due to the lighter snowfall this winter, as summarized by the next two articles from Idaho and Wyoming (11)(12). The wildfire threat across the plains states today will be heightened due to 35 mph winds and warm, dry conditions (13); but Montana's Helena National Forest will be planted with 130,000 new seedlings to repair damage from past wildfires (14). A wind-driven wildfire kept volunteer firefighters busy for about six hours near Bradford, Pennsylvania (15); and the Virginia Division of Forestry has upped the ante on the reward for the person who torched one of their dozer transports (16). Florida's Institute for Business & Home Safety has released new guidelines to help homeowners in over three dozen states in the US reduce wildfire risk to their residences (17). Rain has helped reduce the threat of wildfires in Northern Ontario, Canada, but a burn ban is still in place in some areas (18). Although bushfire preparedness is well provided for in the new Victoria budget, Australian farmers worry that more basic factors like insect control were missed (19). Nine historical huts that were destroyed in the 2003 bushfires, have been reconstructed in New South Wales (20); but funding for a scientific bushfire study in that state may be in jeopardy (21). And finally, for all you aspiring firehouse and camp cooks, Regis and Kelly want to hear your recipes!

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