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Saturday, February 09, 2013


Wildfire NOTD subscriber Walt Darran, Chairman of the Associated Aerial Firefighters, sent along his review of an article in this week's Aviation Week & Space Technology which examines the current heavy air-tankers situation in the United States (1). In Colorado, the Elbert Fire Chief reacted to the arrest of one of his former volunteer firefighters who admitted to setting a wildfire on the outskirts of town last summer that burned for 18 days, forcing evacuations of many homeowners (2); while the impact of 2011's Texas wildfires on new fire academy graduates is examined by the next article (3). A homeowner who sparked a wildfire which covered 3,373 acres in Wyoming's Bridger-Teton National Forest last fall will be prosecuted in a federal court (4); an article from New Jersey discussing how Global Warming is worsening droughts and wildfires (5); but a controlled burn that turned into a wildfire in Laurens County, Georgia, is being blamed for a deadly 27-car pileup on Interstate 16 (6). Heading to Australia, firefighters battled several blazes across Victoria, one man being hospitalized after suffering serious burns in one outside of Melbourne (7); the following article providing a late update on the bushfires (8). A 1,900-hectare bushfire near Molesworth, Tasmania, continued to burn out of control (9); a photo tableaux from The Climate Institute displaying the destruction done by bushfires in that state last month (10). And finally, many firefighters may have rescued large animals, but firefighters in Salem, Massachusetts, rescued a 2,000 lb Belgian draft horse during a blizzard!

(1) Airtanker Angst

(2) Elbert Fire Chief Angry, Sad After Firefighter Arrested For Starting Blaze

(3) Bastrop firefighting academy honors graduates

(4) County passes wildfire case to federal court

(5) EarthTalk®: Wildfires & Global Warming

(6) Officials: Wildfire may have been source of deadly I-16 pileup

(7) Firefighters battle blaze at Mt Hotham, man suffers burns in grassfire at Arthurs Creek

(8) Alpine and Aberfeldy bushfire update

(9) Bushfire near Hobart may burn for a week

(10) A vivid call to arms

(11) Salem Firefighters Rescue Snow-Trapped Horse

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