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Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Southern California firefighters were taking no chances with a three-acre wildfire north of Big Bear, where over 200 firefighters brought the blaze under control by 10 PM (1); but a 160-acre wildfire in Kern County that was apparently human-caused was only 45% contained last night (2). Wildfire NOTD subscriber Lena Tucker, South Cascade District Forester for Oregon Department of Forestry, commented on the fact that fire restrictions take effect this Friday due to increased wildfire danger (3); something underscored by an out-of-control wildfire threatened several homes east of Roseburg (4). Wind was not helping fire crews battling a 4,300-acre wildfire in Walla Walla County, Washington (5). Firefighters are augmenting natural wildfires with backfires in Arizona to help conduct much-needed ecological burns (6); while Burn Area Emergency Recovery efforts in the White Mountains scorched by the Wallow Fire are the focus of the next article (7); and Wildfire NOTD subscriber Dean Lueck, Co-Director of the University of Arizona's Program on Economics, Law, and the Environment, will be releasing a new book this fall, Wildfire Policy: Law and Economics Perspectives, that discusses wildfire management in the US (8). Wildfire activity in New Mexico is the topic of the next item (9); and firefighters responded to three small wildfires in southwestern Colorado (10); while Hotshot crews were dispatched to a 75-acre wildfire in northwestern Colorado that was threatening structures (11). Firefighters in Idaho's Magic Valley are bringing several wildfires that have burned thousands of acres under control (12); but although firefighters in Utah have finally contained the 8,481-acre Wrangler Fire, Red Flag warnings forecast more wildfires in the future (13). Seeing the danger the ongoing drought poses in the form of wildfires, Harris County is working with the Texas Forest Service to formulate a Community Wildfire Protection Plan (14); while a 95-acre wildfire was reported in Cass County (15). A pair of small wildfires in Montana provided some activity for firefighters yesterday (16); but environmental groups have blocked removal of invasive species by the U.S. Forest Service in Shawnee National Forest in Illinois (17). As 53 of Arkansas's 75 counties remained under burn bans, the next article takes a look at a state in which 178 fires have burned 4,000 acres in the past month alone (18); where property owners continue to light debris fires in spite of the fact that Arkansas Forestry Commission has imposed burn bans (19). Authorities have apprehended a man suspected of lighting a number of wildfires in Washington County, Maine (20). Turnabout is fair play, as North Carolina, whose wildfires sullied the air in Virginia for months, is now getting smoke from a major wildfire burning in Virginia's Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge (21); said wildfire having burned 3,200 acres so far (22); forcing football players at Norfolk State University to take precautions to prevent smoke damage to their lungs (23); officials in North Carolina reminding residents to keep their debris burns under control, since this is one of the main causes of wildfires in that state (24). In Canada, a 1 ha wildfire which was apparently sparked by lightning Sunday night was reportedly burning near Fisher Peak, British Columbia (25); while members of the media were given a tour of wildfire areas by Manitoba Conservation (26); and the production impact of Canada's wildfires on a major petroleum exporter, Penn West Petroleum, is explored in the next article (27); but in a bit of a head-scratcher, donations intended for survivors of the Slave Lake, Alberta, wildfires ended up in a Calgary dump! (28) Wildfire activity in the Mediterranean Basin included fires in France, Italy, Greece, Albania, Macedonia, Croatia, and the North African nations of Algeria and Morocco (29); and wildland firefighting in Lebanon is becoming a major concern in a country where forest that covered one third of the landscape now only cover 13%! (30) People in Victoria, Australia, are becoming concerned at government delays in implementing several recommendations from the Royal Bushfire Commission report (31); but a bit of a tiff between a Victorian bushfire expert and Nillumbik Council has resulted in the fire expert backing out of a mapping project (32). Queensland Fire and Rescue Service firefighters battled several bushfires near Townsville and Cairns (33); part of a worrisome trend which the Rural Fire Brigade fears could point to a very bad bushfire season ahead (34); where air-tankers were on standby waiting to see if a bushfire outside of Kooralbyn reignited overnight (35). And finally, firefighters from Coral Springs Fire Department in Florida had to perform an unusual extrication: getting a parrot stuck in the grill of a car free!

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