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Monday, October 12, 2009


First up in wildfire news today, a transient from Nigeria is being sought for setting a fire several days before the Station Fire erupted in Southern California's Angeles National Forest; while nature lovers were appalled at the damage from that fire when they toured Deukmejian Wilderness Park over the weekend; and sandbags are the order of the day for Southern California communities fearful of mudslides from fire-denuded hillsides. Firefighters responded rapidly to a 20-acre urban wildfire in Long Beach; and a flaming Jeep sparked a wildfire on Interstate 5 north of Los Angeles on Saturday. A forest thinning project in Oregon will test the Obama administration's commitment to maintaining roadless forests. A wind-driven wildfire was burning in Washington state on Sunday; forcing the evacuation of nearly 40 homes in the area. A pet rescue organization in Seattle, Washington, has put dogs that ran away from their homes during the Southern California wildfires up for adoption, rather than letting these animals be euthanized. Despite snowfall atop wildfires, smoke was still seen to curl skyward in Montana; even as firefighters in that state fear the devastation that could be caused by so many trees that been killed by beetles. Maine Forest Service is utilizing PDAs to catalog the vegetation in the state for future use in determining high-risk areas for wildfires; but a Florida utility is getting rapped for not maintaining enough water on their property for firefighting purposes. Firefighters in Alaska are planning to burn off over 1,000 acres to reduce the wildfire danger near Fairbanks. The plight of the Amur leopard in Russia's Far East, whose habitat is being destroyed by, among other things, forest fires, is examined in the next article. Insurance companies in Australia have made substantial hikes in the premiums residents pay due to an increase in costly disasters, especially bushfires; perhaps helping launch a booming business in bushfire-resistant products; even as government officials are urging country dwellers to have evacuation plans prepared not only for themselves, but for their livestock as well. A six-step bushfire danger evaluation tool is being provided to homeowners in Victoria, though the premier still recommends flight over fight; while a survey of several thousand households is being done to determine how to improve bushfire safety even more. New rules in Victoria for dealing with arsonists after their release from prison hope to keep them out of trouble; but a resident of Victoria who has successfully defended his home from bushfires is concerned about the lack of burn-offs in the area allowing vegetation to become a major fire hazard. Although firefighters feel that their backfire did not increase the damage in Marysville, Victoria, on Black Saturday, they still regret having set it; even as firefighters recounted the terror of that day. And finally, a pair of volunteer firefighters outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, ran into a sticky situation trying to rescue an off-roader who got stuck in mud!

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