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Thursday, July 22, 2010


Wildfire News Of The Day subscriber Mike Rogers, formerly USFS Angeles National Forest Supervisor, sent along an item with the following comments:

I just had this advisory paper sent to me and believe it should be shared with the larger fire community you have access to as more local firefighters are exposed to out-of-state fire assignments in large wildland areas of drought-induced and unthinned insect-killed timber. This is another situation created by so-called environmentalists/preservationists that would rather see whole landscapes destroyed by intense "mega" fires than ever see another load of logs coming out of these once-productive forests.

And Tom Eversole, Executive Director of American Helicopter Services & Aerial Firefighting Association, sent along two items: a press release and a pointed response to a Denver Post article (posted in Wildfire NOTD issue 070210) that sets the record straight in regards to the status of heavy air tankers in the US. Elsewhere in the news, CAL FIRE firefighters contained a 3-acre blaze along Highway 20 in Central California yesterday (1); as well as battling a 13-acre blaze in southern Monterey County (2). The important contributions of meteorologists in battling wildfires in Oregon is explored by the next item (3); something which has, no doubt, played a role in fighting a pair of new wildfires that have been reported in Klamath County (4). The harrowing tale of a Washington state firefighter whose engine was caught in a burnover is told in the next article (5); followed by the NTSB's report on the crash of a SEAT in northern Nevada last summer (6). An article from Arizona showcases PCADS (Precision Container Airborne Delivery System), which has been conducting extensive tests at Yuma Proving Grounds (7). Arizona's Mill 2 Fire has nearly been extinguished by rain (8); but a 12-year-old girl was killed in mudslides that originated in areas burned by the Schultz Fire outside of Flagstaff (9); and experts warned that this is only the beginning (10). The next item provides the NTSB narrative on what happened to a P-2V heavy air tanker which crashed in Colorado earlier this month (11); followed by a summary of wildfires in Utah (12). Bureau of Land Management firefighters have managed to corral a wildfire that burned 1,300 acres in Idaho (13); while a wildfire in Wyoming's Yellowstone National Park has passed the 500-acre mark as nearly 200 firefighters struggle to rope it in (14). Lightning has sparked a number of wildfires in Montana's Bitterroot National Forest (15); and a wildfire near Missoula burned 40 acres yesterday (16). A Virginia wildfire may scorch 100 acres before it's finally contained (17). Canadian firefighters earned a respite from wildfires burning in British Columbia due to the onset of rain (18); but officials in Nanaimo were investigating two suspicious blazes that broke out just before fire restrictions were imposed in the area (19); a seven-acre wildfire was reported near Skaha Lake late Thursday (20); a small town was evacuated due to a wildfire nearby which quickly grew past 1,000 acres in size (21); and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police were trying to keep the waters around Okanagan Falls clear of voyeurs interfering with helicopter air-tanker reloading operations (22). As Europe's heat wave continues, firefighters in Kent, UK, have seen fewer grass fires than last year despite hotter temperatures (23); followed by a summary of wildfires in Portugal, including one that came dangerously close to homes in the capital of Lisbon (24); wildfires were also reported in Petralia Soprana, Licodia Eubea, Bivona, Alessandria della Rocca, Palazzo Adriano, Gangi, and Santa Elisabetta, Italy (25); new fires were reported on the Mediterranean island of Crete and in Central Greece (26); and 30 peat bog fires have been reported in Moscow's suburbs (27). Nearly 40 wildfires in Russia's Far East have also burned thousands of acres of timber (28). Meanwhile in Australia, there are fears the government will try to muzzle a report by Victoria's Royal Bushfire Commission (29); and one of those methods is to debate the report in hearings that won't start until August 10th (30). The psychological fallout from surviving the Black Saturday bushfires is beginning to manifest itself as physical ailments in survivors (31); and even though it's not bushfire season yet, firefighters battled a blaze in an industrial park in Queensland (32). And finally, firefighters in Scotland who were battling a fire at a school noted an alarming drop in water pressure only to find that vandals had slashed their hoses and truck tires!

(1) Firefighters contain Highway 20 fire Thursday

(2) CalFire responds to vegetation fire near Lockwood

(3) Meteorologists Playing Bigger Role In Fighting Wildfires

(4) Two New Wildfires Reported Near Chiloquin

(5) Firefighter tells amazing story of survival

(6) Feds cite pilot error in air tanker crash last summer

(7) Air delivery testing helps combat wildfires

(8) Wildfire near Globe almost out thanks to rain

(9) Flooding devastates Flagstaff

(10) Entire community must gear up for long siege

(11) NTSB releases Preliminary Report on air tanker runway overrun

(12) Lightning Sparks Fires Across Fishlake National Forest

(13) Crews contain wildfire in Snake River Canyon

(14) Yellowstone wildfire 28 percent contained

(15) Lightning sparks fires in the Bitterroot

(16) Rock Creek fire west of Missoula at 40 acres

(17) Suffolk wildfire grows to 30 acres, could reach 100

(18) Rain creates temporary reprieve from fire risk

(19) Pair of suspicious fires sparked in Nanaimo

(20) Wildfire threatening southeast end of Skaha Lake

(21) Officials order forest-fire evacuation at tiny town of Yalakom Valley

(22) RCMP warn boaters to stay away from Okanagan Falls fire

(23) Fewer grass fires despite hot summer

(24) Lisbon region forest fire under control

(25) EFFIS - Current Situation

(26) Wildfires on Crete, Evia

(27) Moscow registers fourth daily temperature record in July

(28) Forest fires spread on 7.3 thousand hectares more in Far East

(29) Plea for a revolution

(30) Special sitting to debate bushfire findings

(31) Survivors sick with trauma

(32) Industrial estate threatened

(33) Thugs slash firefighters' hoses at UK school fire

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Wildfire News Of The Day subscriber Brad Tuttle, General Manager of the Southern California-based DC-10 VLAT, sent along a press release about their Call When Needed availability (1); while Ventura County Fire Department chiefs will be on hand to answer the public's questions on protecting their homes from wildfires at an upcoming meeting August 2 (2). A rare lightning strike sparked a wildfire in eastern San Diego County yesterday (3); and firefighters from CAL FIRE and the US Forest Service tackled a 75-acre blaze near Visalia yesterday (4). Multiple fire agencies managed to contain a wildfire on the Tule Indian Reservation in central California (5); while residents of a Marin County fire protection district took part in a wildfire drill over the weekend (6). Oregon's Douglas Forest Protective Association, which has reported 15 wildfires so far this season, is imposing fire restrictions as the wildfire danger increases (7). Fire officials in Washington state commented on their outlook for the wildfire season, which has been slow to get started (8); but in the wake of a massive wildfire near Spokane, an Op-Ed piece reminds homeowners of steps they can take to better protect their homes (9); something Burlington Northern Santa Fe is trying to do around their tracks, as well (10). The next article takes a look at the Mill 2 Fire, which is being allowed to burn in Arizona's Pinal Mountains to benefit the ecosystem (11). The Colorado State Forest Service has unveiled their 2011 Wildland-Urban Interface Grants, which fund homeowners' efforts to better prepare their property for wildfires (12); while firefighters in the northwest part of that state have made progress on nearly a dozen wildfires (13). In a follow-up to a Wildfire NOTD article yesterday, a total of 10 suspicious wildfires have now been reported from two locations in Utah (14); but a wildfire south of those has burned nearly 400 acres (15); even as firefighters across the state are expecting a busy time when Pioneer Day is celebrated with fireworks on the 24th (16). The high fire danger in Montana was emphasized by several small wildfires caused by a passing train (17); followed by an article in which the new Flathead National Forest Supervisor discusses his plans for the future (18). Firefighters continued to battle a wildfire in Yellowstone National Park that has burned past the 500-acre mark (19); but although the park has seen five wildfires already this season, officials consider this to be a 'normal' fire season (20). Lightning also ignited several small fires in Wyoming's Bridger-Teton National Forest (21); and the wildfire danger in Florida is going up (22). With a nod towards climate change, the US Forest Service is adapting its conservation efforts to address this issue (the report can be seen here) (23). British Columbia, Canada's, North Island is having to cope with more wildfires than they did in the past (24); but fire officials in Nova Scotia have unveiled a new high-tech weather station that can be used to determine the forest fire index for the area (25). The UK's Ashdown Forest was in the news again, as a second blaze broke out yesterday (26). Greek Special Forces were dispatched to the Aegean island of Samos when a wildfire broke out (27); while firefighters on the mainland appear to have the upper hand on wildfires they have been battling (28). A wildfire in the western regions of Iran has burned through hundreds of acres of timber (29). Heading to Australia, Victoria's Country Fire Authority is looking for a few good... women (30); but the double whammy of first losing his house in the Black Saturday bushfires, then having to cope with all the new building restrictions has sapped the enthusiasm of a bushfire survivor (31). The Queensland Fire and Rescue Service has unveiled numerous neighborhood safer places throughout the state (32); even as authorities are warning residents to prepare for the upcoming bushfire season (33). Officials in New South Wales are requesting public comment on the Eurobodalla Bushfire Risk Management Plan (34). And finally, could an all-electric firefighting helicopter be in Sikorsky's future?

(1) 2010 Call When Needed Status

(2) Fire officials to share prevention tips

(3) Brush Fire On Volcan Mountain Contained

(4) Reservation Road fire has been stopped at 75 acres, 60 percent contained, road still closed

(5) Crews contain 108 acre fire on Reservation

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(11) Mill 2 Fire serving a purpose

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(13) 8 Of 12 Wildfires In Northwest Colorado Contained

(14) 10 suspicious fires set in Provo, Ogden

(15) Southern Utah wildfire grows to 397 acres

(16) Firefighters expect busy week during Pioneer Day holiday

(17) Train sparks fires along Highway 12

(18) New forest leader oversees busy summer

(19) Yellowstone fire grows to 515 acres

(20) Parts of Yellowstone drier than normal, but fire season so far normal

(21) Lightning Sparks Small Fires In Wyoming Forest

(22) Fire Danger Increases

(23) Forest Service Shifts Strategy to Address Changing Climate

(24) Fire warning

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(27) Fire rages on Greek island

(28) Greek firefighters win a battle in inferno war

(29) Massive fire in western Iran forests

(30) CFA call to Sunbury women

(31) Battle never ends for Humevale fire survivor

(32) Neighbourhood Safer Places rolling out across Queensland

(33) Landholders urged to prepare

(34) RFS calls for input on Euro fire plans

(35) Sikorsky Will Fly Electric Helicopter This Year

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