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Saturday, August 16, 2008


The news on wildfires was relatively light today, no doubt in part due to Russia vs. Georgia and the Olympics dominating the news, but also due to the lighter-than-expected wildfire season, as underscored by the first two articles on Canadian wildfires. Staying on the international front, a story out of Australia discusses their thankfulness for having air-tankers for what is projected to be the worst bushfire season in their history (air-tanker contractors on this list take note). Next up, an op-ed piece from a Sierra Club executive discussing two bills sponsored by the Sierra Club that could influence forest management, followed by one in which state firefighting policies are called into question. Wildfires near Ukiah and Mount Hood are requiring the attention of firefighters, while Washington firefighters contained a wildfire in broiling temperatures and California firefighters did the same near Napa. Finally, a poignant story from the memorial service for the firefighters killed in the S-61 crash in Northern California, with a quote to remember: "If you want to do anything to honor them, do a random act of kindness".

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