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Friday, March 29, 2013


US Forest Service has awarded air-tanker contracts worth nearly $200 million to Neptune Aviation and Minden Air for heavy air-tankers, Wildfire NOTD subscriber Dan Snyder, President of Neptune Aviation, commenting on the award (1); Wildfire NOTD subscriber Walt Darran, Chairman of the Associated Aerial Firefighters, providing some additional details on the AAF blog (2); and an article from Nevada doing a more in-depth investigation of Minden Air Corp’s operation (3); another from Montana doing the same in regards to Neptune Aviation (4). Members of the National Wildfire Suppression Association stated in a press release that they are prepared to fill the gap left by the US Forest Service budget cutbacks this fire season (5); while in Oregon, Linn-Benton Community College will host a wildland firefighting workshop led by a National Wildfire Suppression Association instructor (6). Officials in New Mexico's Lincoln National Forest raised the wildfire danger warning to "high" for Easter weekend (7); while Bernalillo County made its own preparations for the wildfires to come (8). A 300-acre wildfire is burning near Colorado's Fort Lyon prison (10); even as a warm, dry spring heralds an active summer for fire agencies across the state (9); current conditions prompting an editorial to urge Coloradans to prepare for the wildfires of summer (11). An out-of-control fuel burn threatened homes in Ada, Oklahoma, yesterday (12); while the Alabama Forestry Commission announced containment of a 500-acre wildfire that was burning near Citronelle (13). An editorial from Massachusetts looks at the wildfire situation in the western US where fire agencies spent $1.4 billion fighting monster fires that consumed 9.3 million acres in 2012 (14). Representatives of the Pine Barrens Commission and the National Fire Prevention Association will discuss the wildfire danger at an April 8th community meeting in Flanders, New York (15); and the New Jersey Forest Fire Service has completed prescribed burns in the Pine Barrens for this year (16). In South Carolina, police car dash-cams captured the chaos of the Carolina Forest Fire which destroyed over 100 condominiums (17). Florida Forest Service has gained the upper hand on a 200-acre wildfire in St. Lucie County (18); but fire conditions are still serious in Charlotte and Sarasota Counties (19). A 1,400-acre wildfire continues to blaze through southern Brazil's Rio Grande do Sul state (20); while in Australia, Victoria's Premier toured the area around Dereel ravaged by a 1,200-hectare bushfire that is now contained (21). And finally, a blogger from Durango, Colorado, has some interesting advice: help the economy by starting a wildfire!

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