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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


With 18 counties in central and southwestern Oklahoma under fire bans, this next week promises to be fairly busy for firefighters due to weather changes (1); and with high winds and warm temperatures, firefighters in parts of Texas are expecting a busy time with wildfires later this week as well (2); the next article providing a profile on the founder of Texas air-tanker pioneer Air Tractor, who died while jogging this past weekend (3). After 81 wildfires scorched 3,400 acres of land over the weekend, the Alabama Forestry Commission issued warnings about the wildfire danger as manpower shortages began to pinch (4); and with 4,500 acres burned and 45 structures damaged or destroyed, Virginia has had a very active fire period since Saturday (5). Stating that they had not seen this busy a fire season since 2008, North Carolina Forest Services firefighters battled 42 wildfires in the eastern Carolinas over the weekend (6); while 22 fires continued to rage across North Carolina Monday night, although 95 others have now been contained (7); however, a pair of blazes covered about 20 acres outside of Morehead City (8); and another that burned 800 acres caused power outages to 3,400 customers in Bladen and Sampson counties (9). South Carolina Forestry Commission responded to some 92 wildfires over the weekend (10); one wildfire that burned between 100 and 150 acres in Spartanburg County being labeled the largest in decades for that area by the South Carolina Forestry Commission (11). The Georgia Department of Natural Resources is conducting controlled burns to improve the ecosystem at Panola Mountain State Park (12); but as the season to conduct burn-offs on agricultural land in Ireland approaches, officials have initiated a campaign to reduce forest fires by engaging the farming community (13). The head of an Islamic movement in Israel has been arrested in connection with attempted wildfire arson two weeks ago (14); the next article providing some updated information on the bidding for an Israeli air-tanker fleet (15). Heading to Australia, the Department of Sustainability and Environment is working with Parks Victoria to conduct controlled burns when the fall arrives in the Dandenong Ranges (16); but with 20 wildfires still burning outside of Sydney, New South Wales, Rural Fire Service firefighters are keeping busy (17). In the aftermath of the Perth Hills bushfires in Western Australia, university researchers will be conducting a study among affected homeowners to determine best practices in preparing for bushfires (18); while Black Hill Conservation Park has been agreed upon as the site for a new bushfire siren being installed in the town of Athelstone, South Australia (19). And finally, a volunteer firefighter from upstate New York who had served since 1941 answered his last bell two weeks shy of his 105th birthday!

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