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Thursday, September 22, 2011


Funding for FEMA's emergency relief programs has been held up in Congress, potentially impacting money being paid out to wildfire survivors in several states (1). Helicopters and CL-415s quickly roped in a 1-acre wildfire in the Southern California community of Acton yesterday (2); while US Forest Service is keeping an eye on three lightning-sparked wildfires burning in the Stanislaus National Forest (3). A 20-acre wildfire burning in north Carson City, Nevada, has been contained (4); and a meeting in Arizona discussed causes of the Horseshoe II Fire (5); while a US Forest Service entomologist discusses the plague of beetle-killed spruce trees in Utah in the next article (6). With tinder-dry conditions through much of the state, Oklahoma's governor has declared this Wildfire Preparedness Week (7); prompting firefighters and insurers to unveil their "Ready, Set, Go!" program across the state (8). A debris fire that became a wildfire burned between 50 and 60 acres in Cleveland County, Oklahoma (9); meanwhile the Small Business Administration will help wildfire survivors in Pawnee and Oklahoma counties with low-interest loans (10). A summary of wildfire activity across Texas is provided by the next article (11); where a 150-acre wildfire on a former Abilene landfill may take days to extinguish (12); while faculty and students at the Houston Baptist University have been traumatized by wildfires (13); but citing historically bad drought and wildfire conditions, a Texas State Senator urged residents to support the Texas Wildfire Relief Fund (14). Hoping to head off another major wildfire, Texas fire officials will be holding a series of town hall meetings in Montgomery (15); but sensing lawsuits in their future because wildfires may have been sparked by power lines, electric utility Austin Energy is making legal preparations (16); while the Independent Insurance Agents of Texas have made a $200,000 donation which will help volunteer firefighters purchase gear for fighting wildfires (17); and "Tickets for Fire Relief: The Concert for Central Texas", which will be held in Austin on October 17 to benefit wildfire survivors, will begin selling tickets tomorrow (18); while a US Fish and Wildlife wildfire expert expounds on the benefits wildfires convey to Texas ecology (19). The 93,669-acre wildfire burning in Minnesota's Superior National Forest is now 30% contained (20); a photo spread taking a look back at wildfires of the past in that state (21). The Mississippi Forest Fire Department reported on wildfire activity across the region (22); while the New Jersey Audubon Society's efforts to protect wildlife from wildfires is the focus of their habitat restoration project in Berkeley (23); and Florida Forest Service firefighters have brought a 2,000-acre wildfire burning on the shores of Lake Okeechobee to 75% containment (24). As rehabilitation of Berkshire, UK's, Swinley Forest continues, the next article takes a look at those efforts (25); but Indonesia's dubious affiliation with slash-and-burn agriculture that sparks wildfires is the focus of the next article (26). Heading to Australia next, the Victorian Fire Authority is hoping that rain will dampen the bushfire risk in that state (27); where the new bushfire map released this week shows a good deal of hazardous vegetation in the Ballarat region (28). A second major bushfire has been reported in Central Queensland (29). New South Wales' Rural Fire Service officials provide some useful tips on how to prepare for bushfires in the next item (30); which might be timely, considering that there are 96 bushfires burning in that state at the moment, 18 of them uncontained (31). A new report indicates that residents of Western Australia's Perth Hills felt that bushfire-proofing their homes was too expensive in the run-up to the Roleystone bushfires (32); while bushfires continued to burn in the Northern Territory, as well as the northern part of South Australia, closing several parks and recreation areas (33). And finally, here's a new use for Bambi Buckets: spotting robbery suspects!

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