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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Lots of wildfire news today, leading off with a trio of stories about the inauguration ceremony for San Diego's two Super Scoopers. The announcement at yesterday's ceremony with the most far-reaching impact, however, will be the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between CalFire and San Diego that allows night-vision-equipped aircraft to operate over state-owned/administered land in San Diego County. Now if only the USFS will follow suit... California is still having its share of wildfires in both the Siskiyous and Sequoia National Park, as shown by the next four articles. The following three articles show that Oregon is also having its share of wildfire headaches, with a governor's declaration, evacuations, and damage to substantial areas of timber. Colorado is having a late-season bonfire near Grand Junction, while Montana has issued respiratory warnings due to the influx of smoke from California and Oregon wildfires, as detailed by the next article. Florida is intentionally burning off a record 160,000 acres as part of their controlled burn program. On the technology front, a story about what German scientists have learned about rainmaking is followed by a press release about biomass usages. Two stories deal with the hidden costs of wildfires, the first in regards to California rural infrastructure, such as schools and roads, the second in regards to an Oregon property tax increase (something that may be of interest to folks in San Diego considering a fire-related property tax increase of their own). Jackson Hole, Wyoming, will play host to an international group of wildland fire managers next week who are there to discuss lessons learned from the 1988 Yellowstone wildfires. Next up, an article that discusses how the Mediterranean faces similar problems to the US, with too many people moving into wilderness areas where fires are on the increase. And finally, a cautionary tale about apparatus electrical fires from a suburb of Chicago where firefighters had to extinguish their own truck!

County paying $3 million to lease aircraft for upcoming season

S.D. leases 2 firefighting SuperScoopers

Officials Unveil 'Superscooper' Firefighting Aircraft

Crews respond as lightning sparks few small fires in region

New fire burning 45 acres in Siskiyou County

Hidden fire up to more than 600 acres in Sequoia

Wildfires fueled by hot weather

Governor declares central Oregon fire a conflagration

Rattle Fire grows to 11,000 acres

Fires in Central Oregon, Mt. Hood grow, forcing evacuations

Crews battle fire near Glade Park

Out-of-state smoke impacting Missoula air

Brevard included among record number of prevention fires

Moderate Quantities Of Dirt Make More Rain

Out West: Biomass Energy Curbs Wildfires, Reduces Heating Cost

Commentary: Forest fires take heavy toll on funding for rural schools

Firefighting Costs Spark Increase In Property Tax

Yellowstone conference to focus on '88 fires

Mediterranean forests are a burning issue

Oak Park fire truck catches fire

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