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Thursday, January 28, 2010


Kristina Hajjar, Communications Director for Los Angeles County Fire Department, sent along a press release about the return of USAR Task Force 2 from Haiti (1); but two skeletons found in the Angeles National Forest after the Station Fire remain unidentified weeks after their discovery by hikers (2); and although recent storms dropped just 8 1/2" of rain in Southern California foothill communities expecting 16", USGS warns that the danger of debris flows in future storms still remains (3). Following up on a story from earlier this week, a Northern California resident who was convicted of starting a wildfire received a sentence that was far less than it could have been (4); while an Environmental Quality Council is meeting in Montana to discuss the best ways to address forest issues, including wildfires (5). Homeowners in Mississippi are being reminded once again about wildfire safety during that state's current fire season (6); but a wildfire is already burning on Tyndall Air Force Base as parts of Florida are under a Red Flag warning (7). Government officials in Ghana are warning Fulani tribesmen to restrain themselves in an effort to reduce bushfires in that African nation (8). Forest owners in New Zealand complain that utility companies aren't doing enough to avoid power blackouts when power lines ignite nearby trees (9). Heading to Australia, Country Fire Authority debriefed participants in a Victoria bushfire that occurred over New Year's Day (10); even as police are investigating a suspicious bushfire that was sparked in an off-road recreation area elsewhere in that state over the weekend (11). As the one-year anniversary of the Black Saturday bushfires approaches, personal injury lawyers are asking for an extension on the time limit for claims (12); but amid all the sorrow and loss from the Black Saturday bushfires there is one tiny success story, as the next article shows (13). Communities in Victoria are designating bushfire safe places, but some locations await council approval (14); while a tech-savvy engineer from Victoria has created an iPhone app that provides bushfire weather reports for only $4.99 (15). Firefighters in Tasmania are completing containment of an east coast bushfire as weather conditions improve (16). An article sent along by Colin Stewart of Thermo-Gel discusses the fears of the New South Wales Fire Brigade Employees Union that climate change will produce increasing deaths from bushfires (17); while a detailed map provides a better idea of the bushfire threat to one part of that state (18). And finally, it's a war of words in Italy, where a new firefighters' motto is drawing fire from a Latin professor!

(1) Los Angeles County Fire Department USAR Task Force Returns From Haiti

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(19) In Italy, Latin professor faults firefighters' motto

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