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Monday, May 30, 2011


Wildfire NOTD subscriber Bettina Boxall, a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter for the Los Angeles Times, weighs into the debate about the environmental impact of fire retardant drops (1); while an 1,122-acre wildfire burning in Kern County, California, that forced evacuations of hundreds of homes has finally been contained (2); this at a time when the California Public Utilities Commission's Consumer Protection and Safety Division cited efforts by utility companies in the state to weaken safety regulations for electrical power poles as a ruse to avoid responsibility for future powerline-sparked wildfires (3). Two wildfires burning in Arizona's White Mountains have scorched 1,450 acres between them (4); while the 64,290-acre Horseshoe Two Fire has earned the dubious distinction of being the sixth largest in that state's history (5). The wildfire which has scorched 88,000 acres near Silver City, New Mexico, is now 80% contained (6); nevertheless, it's no holiday for firefighters battling numerous blazes in that state (7); the impact of wildfires and the danger of such having tamped down outdoor activity in that state's national parks and forests this Memorial Day (8). Memorial Day picnics have led to a number of wildfires in southeast Texas (9); an update on wildfires burning in the Panhandle being provided by the next two articles (10)(11); while the factors which led to the worst wildfires in the history of Midland County are examined in the following item (12). The wildfire burning in North Carolina's Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge is now 75% contained (13). A wildfire mitigation expert from Florida's Caloosahatchee Forestry Center reminds homeowners of their responsibility in reducing wildfires (70% of that state's wildfires are human-caused) (14); while a wildfire was reported late Sunday in St. Lucie County (15); and an ominous forecast of high winds in Central Florida has firefighters battling wildfires in Volusia County on edge (16); where a Lockheed Martin facility in Orange County was briefly threatened by a wildfire that exceeded 1,000 acres in size (17). An update on Alaskan wildfires is provided by the next item (18). A photo graphically displays the problems wildfire smoke is causing in Alberta, Canada (19); but although over three dozen wildfires continue to burn in that province, the 140,000-acre blaze which destroyed part of Slave Lake is now considered contained (20); a long convoy of emergency vehicles slowly departing that city as residents and officials gave firefighters who had helped save their community a rousing sendoff (21). With temperatures warming in Ontario, Canada, no fires have been reported lately, but the fire danger continues to increase apace (22). An Australian vintner's tale of loss and renewal from Victoria's Black Saturday bushfires is related by the next story (23); while Victoria's Powerline Safety Taskforce held public meetings to discuss the bushfire danger posed by transmission lines, where ratepayers will be seeing an increase in their electric bill of at least three dollars per month (24). Queensland Fire and Rescue Service firefighters will be setting a number of controlled burns to reduce the fuel load over the next few weeks (25). And finally, a resident of Slave Lake, Alberta, can't seem to win for losing: her family had moved there to avoid wildfires in British Columbia!

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