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Saturday, September 24, 2011


Wildfire NOTD subscriber Chuck Bushey, President of the International Association of Wildland Fire, sent along an invitation to their upcoming symposium on fire and forest meteorology, to be held in Southern California this October (1); while the National Weather Service warned Californians about the danger a change in the weather posed for much of the state (2); and a few minutes later a wildfire broke out in the Los Padres National Forest! (3) A lightning-sparked wildfire burned 6 acres on San Diego County's Campo Indian Reservation Friday afternoon (4); and firefighters responded to more than 20 lightning-sparked wildfires in Kern County (5); while a wildfire destroyed several vehicles in the Santa Cruz Mountains (6); CAL FIRE reporting a wildfire that burned 30 to 40 acres north of Coalinga yesterday (7); but air-tankers assisted firefighters on the ground in extinguishing a 70-acre wildfire outside of Chico (8); however, a 400-acre blaze is still burning in the Six Rivers National Forest (9). The author of an article published two years ago entitled "The Real Cost of Wildfires" comments on the hidden costs of Oregon's Dollar Lake Fire (10); but winds were not helping firefighters battling a 1,500-acre wildfire near Crooked River Ranch (11). Although numerous roads and trails have reopened in Arizona's Coronado National Forest after being closed by wildfires that burned 356,000 acres, forest officials are advising visitors to be cautious due to the damage done (12); while a lightning-sparked fire that has scorched 3,400 acres in the Tonto National Forest is now 90% contained (13). Officials urged rural Oklahomans to have a fire plan in place after five deaths and the destruction of thousands of acres by wildfires this year (14). After 23,519 wildfires have burned 3.8 million acres, the last thing The Texas Forest Service probably wants to hear is this weekend's forecast for worsening wildfire conditions (again) (15); with a 5-acre wildfire being reported in Hays County this afternoon (16); while a homeless man accused of sparking a wildfire outside of Austin which destroyed 11 homes in April has been released (17); and Nacogdoches unveiled a new Wildfire Protection Plan this week (18); even as several agencies make their services available to help wildfire survivors in Montgomery County (19); the next article profiling Texas fire truck business Siddons-Martin Emergency Group, which has had a banner year due to a busy wildfire season across the state (20). Volunteers have organized a relief drive called "Beauty for Ashes", which aims to help Texas wildfire survivors (21); but the US Senate failed to pass a bill which would render much-needed relief funds to that state (22); and Texas Parks & Wildlife Department officials fear that the devastation wrought by wildfires across the state will take their toll on deer as well (23). Although the 9,631-acre "Up Top" Fire burned with renewed vigor in Montana's Bitterroot National Forest, firefighters were able to keep it within containment lines (24); but firefighters will be lighting a prescribed burn in the Lewis and Clark National Forest today which could be allowed to expand up to 11,000 acres in size (25). Despite the fact that fall has arrived in South Dakota, fire officials warned residents that the wildfire danger remains (26); while the public has been welcomed to a restored fire tower in Tennessee's Cherokee National Forest (27). Heading to Australia, numerous bushfires continued to burn across New South Wales (28); even as 300 Rural Fire Service brigades opened their doors for Bush Fire Awareness Week (29). And finally, firefighters in Daytona Beach, Florida used to getting cats out of trees this time got the bird!

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