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Thursday, September 18, 2008


First up in the news today, an article submitted by San Diego Deputy Chief Fennessy on the Super Scoopers/MOU, along with links to the videos I filmed at the event: Super Scoopers Taking Off and Super Scoopers In Action, followed by a story about San Marcos Fire Chief Todd Newman on wildfire preparedness. Next up, a bevy of stories about the raging wildfires in Oregon, leading off with one about the increasing problem of beetle-killed trees, followed by another underscoring the danger of lightning strikes to those trees. While a fire in Deschutes National Forest is causing evacuations, there are hopeful signs in the next two articles as firefighters begin to get a handle on some fires and allow residents to return home. Everybody knows that fast response by aircraft can quickly contain a wildfire, but next up is a story about how a bulldozer team proved decisive in roping a fire in at only 11 acres. The Hidden Fire in Sequoia keeps grinding forward despite firefighters' best efforts, and firefighters up in Shasta-Trinity National Forest just can't seem to get a break, as another lightning strike ignites a fire. More trouble in paradise, as a small brushfire breaks out in Hawaii at an area occupied by homeless families, and KUSI San Diego is fined $25,000 by the FCC for not warning hearing-impaired people about the 2003 wildfires (let's hope they corrected that by the 2007 wildfires!) And finally, Mark Rey's staff got their exercise earlier this year trying to retrieve a letter levying a fine on a powerful Republican congressman for starting a forest fire in South Carolina. The upshot: it will be harder in the future to prosecute people who set fires accidently on US Forest Service land - justice at work.

Agreement Could Improve Aerial Firefighting At Night

Fire chief addresses wildfire preparedness

Klamath officials declare emergency over beetle outbreak

Fire burns north of Hwy. 96

Fire burning in Deschutes National Forest forces evacuations

Crews make progress on Central Oregon wildfire

Update: Residents who fled Central Oregon fire returning to homes

Oregon Gulch fire limited to 11 acres: Cal Fire spokesman credits bulldozer team's fast work

Sequoia park wildfire continues to grow

Blaze burns Devils Canyon area

Homeless flee wildfire

FCC Fines Station Over Wildfire Coverage

Congressman used clout to fight forest-fire fine, documents suggest

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