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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Wildfire news leads off with a quartet of articles from Arizona: a pair of heavy air-tankers was employed in the Dripping Springs Fire in Arizona yesterday; followed by some detailed information on fires in Northern Arizona; and also in Southern Arizona; while over 100 people from a variety of agencies participated in a wildfire exercise. Mop-up of a 30,000 acre blaze in New Mexico is proceeding apace; but an Ohio volunteer firefighter set a pair of arson wildfires which joined with a control burn in the Shawnee State Forest to burn 1,500 acres and threaten homes. Firefighters in Pennsylvania discuss the unique characteristics of fighting a wildland fire versus structure fires. Over 300 firefighters were thrown into the fight against Tennessee wildfires; while a wildfire in western North Carolina on a Native American reservation was spawned by a mobile home fire. South Carolina firefighters reflect on the lessons learned from the recent wildfire in Myrtle Beach; as firefighters continued mopping up hot spots on that 30,000 acre blaze that destroyed dozens of homes. The toll of the Florida wildfires on their commercial sector is examined in the next item; but Florida firefighters are discovering the usefulness of gel firefighting powders in enhancing the effectiveness of the water in their rigs. Heading overseas, wildfires have brewed up in a number of areas in Russia's Far East; and, although not as ambitious as the Chinese forest protection video system noted in Wildfire NOTD a few days ago, the Turks are positioning cameras in four of the forest watch towers around Izmir and it's surroundings to help warn them of wildfires. Wildfires are raging across Nepal in the Himalayas, threatening a wildlife park that has 50% of the endangered bird species in that country within it's boundaries. Heading Down Under, David Cant, Aviation Services Manager for South Australia's Country Fire Service, sent along a link to an Australian TV production about what happened in one community hit by the Black Saturday bushfires in February 2009. Litigation in a class-action lawsuit against an Australian power company over bushfire damage is getting underway; and an arsonist is being sought by authorities for a January bushfire that destroyed scores of structures and homes in Gippsland, Australia. Money for rehabilitation projects in the bushfire zones is being distributed by the government; but one community in bushfire-ravaged Victoria state is beginning to run low on supplies acquired during the bushfire relief drive. Charity donations collected for a young girl who lost her family in the Black Saturday bushfires were stolen by a thief; but the man who stole it turned himself in to authorities, as detailed in the following story. Debate over the proposed national parks in Australia gets aired in the next article. And finally, check that apparatus before you head out to an incident - you might find a surprise, as Pensacola, Florida, firefighters did!

Fire Center tanker base opens to help battle blaze near Pine

Crews working pair of forest fires

Fire burning near Pine in Tonto National Forest

Preparing for wildfires

Southern NM wildfire 90% contained

Volunteer firefighter arrested for arson in Shawnee State Forest

Fighting mountain fires takes a different approach

Scores battling Sevier County wildfire

Cherokee Wildfire Scorches 1,000 Acres

Firefighters: "Wildfires an example of what can go wrong"

Forestry: Wildfire in Myrtle Beach area contained, but not controlled

Wildfire having financial effect on area businesses, toll collections

Water Packs New Punch For Firefighters

Forest fires broke out in several regions of Russia

Digital cameras to the rescue for forest fires

Forest fires rage across Nepal

Eye of the Storm

Bushfire class action magic number floated…

Police release images in hunt for firebug

Kevin Rudd spreads $800m in Community Infrastructure Program

Donated supplies for bushfire victims run low

Thieves steal bushfire orphan's money

Man charged over Black Saturday charity tin theft

Nixon calls for rethink of national parks

Firefighters rescue kittens

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